How fast do red eared turtles grow?

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Red eared slider turtles have to have the proper balance of heat and light in order to grow properly. If they have access to UVA and UVB light (usually via a basking bulb) and they bask and get out of the water for their shell to dry, they are usually healthy and grow at a normal rate. This is usually a few inches per year for the first few years.

Hatchlings are about 1 inch when they hatch and they grow to be 2 to 4 inches in their first year. Afterwards, their growth may slow down a little. Males will grow to be 7 to 9 inches and females will grow to be 10 to 12 inches in diameter.
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Are red-eared slider turtles asexual?

turtles mate just as much as others. yours may not LOVE eachother Turtles reproduce sexually and lay eggs as well. Turtles mate for up to fifteen minutes underwater.

How long will it take for your red eared slider turtle to grow?

Answer 1 If properly cared for by the provision of the proper environment [temperature, light, water, sun, etc.] and proper feeding, the turtle will grow as you and I, and all living things, continuously. If all is optimal, the rate of growth will be dictated and limited only by it's genetic make-u (MORE)

What do you feed red-eared slider turtles?

I usually feed my turtle Lettuce, Celery, Carrots, TurtlePellets and occasionally some shrimp. I feed my baby red earedslider turtles shrimp, little dried pieces of shrimp, and the mostimportant of all turtle pellets but feed them the turtle pelletsthe most and only feed them the shrimp occasional (MORE)

Why is your Red Eared Slider Turtle not eating?

If your Red Eared Slider Turtle is not eating, it could mean a few things. They could be sick, their water could be too cold, or they are just being stubborn. If they don't eat for a long time, then you really should contact a vet, pricy as it may be.

What food will a red eared turtle eat?

Baby turtles are mainly carniverous and need feeding at least twice a day - recommended by vets: bloodworms, pellets, frozen food and occasionally live food. As they age, turtles only need feeding once every day or two, become omnivorous and can be fed plants like spinach and lettuce in addition to (MORE)

How do you care for a red eared slider turtle?

The way to take care of a baby slider is u have 2 go 2 a pet store and ask 4 repto min its the smallest bottle feed the turtle about 3 or 4 it depends thoe..... If it eats half of them then that's how many they are feeden..........then as they grow get the bigger bottles till they are the size of th (MORE)

Can red ear slider turtles hibernate?

Yes Red ear slider turtles hibernate. If you have a lamp though it might not because it doesn't know when it's cold. So if you want it to hibernate then turn off it's lamp in the winter, so it can experience what it's like to be asleep for a whole season.

Can red eared slider turtles drown?

Yes they can. Anything that breathes air can drown. Actually even fish can drown if there isn't enough oxygen in the water from air bubbles. A turtle needs to have deep water and a place to climb out to bask and breathe air. Deep water because if it accidentally flips in the water and lands on its b (MORE)

What is a red eared turtle?

A red eared slider turtle is a turtle that has red ears on its side and really long claws, he or she's shell is a dark green color and has a a long tail.. A red eared slider turtle is a turtle that has red ears on its side and really long claws, he or she's shell is a dark green color and has a a l (MORE)

How to take care a red ear turtle?

To maintain a healthy turtle's life it needs to have good nutrition, clean tank water, plenty of room, UV light, a basking area and a basking lamp. This is quite expensive to set up for the first time, but is relatively cheap to maintain.. It is best to buy your new turtle young if you want to fost (MORE)

How long does a baby red eared turtle grow?

Red eared slider turtles grow to be 10-12 inches long. A healthy turtle that is fed and cared for in the right way, in the right habitat, will grow about 1/4 inch a month. They can live for about 40 years.

Is the red-eared slider turtle endangered?

Negative, it is actually an invasive species. They make great pets though, however people tend to release them when they get too big, which is why they become an invasive species.

Do red ear slider turtles bite?

Previous Post: No, they nibble. DUH. Slorg165: ...that was a retarded answer,how the hell can turtles nibble!? MICE nibble,RATS nibble,TURTLES snap (bite,more of a snap though). ,':\ ...but yes,red ear slider turtles do bite,so I'd suggest you dont put your fingers near its mouth. But MY t (MORE)

What do you do with a red eared turtle when it's hibernating?

Don't let it hibernate. It is dangerous and unhealthy to let a captive turtle go into hibernation. . What you need to do is buy a UV heat lamp to put/hang over the tank. The heat lamp will simulate the summer sun, so your turtle will go through the winter without hibernating. . You can buy heat la (MORE)

Does your red eared slider turtle need a red eared slider turtle friend?

Your turtle doesn't necessarily need a friend, but they do enjoy interacting with other turtles. Before getting a friend you may want to consider: 2 adult red-eared sliders, especially if they are female will need a large aquarium at least 100 - 125 gallon. Tanks this size are pricey to buy and m (MORE)

Do red eared turtles do much?

Red eared slider turtles are as active as any aquatic turtle. They swim, bask and eat. They don't "do much" but they are still really neat pets. If you want to watch them "doing something" that can be entertaining, put a couple of orange goldfish in the tank. The turtles will chase the fish, cat (MORE)

Do red eared slider turtles bite?

they will bite just as much as any other animal in there defence mode but right off the bat they will not just bite for no reason

What do red eared slider turtles need?

they will need a place for basking and a place to swim you will need a plant for him/she to hide or eat and i would prefer that you should make it more natural with river rocks and over the basking spot put a lamp with a UV bulb if its a baby then feed them pellets and meal-worms and fish such as co (MORE)

Is owning a red eared turtle easy?

Somtimes. To get one you need to buy a tank, a dock, food, You should get two turtles( They get lonly), rocks for the bottom of the tank, a heat lamp whitch is optional but good to have, and a filter is optional. You should get them as babbies, but once you have them and the supplies you need you ju (MORE)

Are red eared sliders water turtles?

Yes, they are aquatic turtles. They can survive out of water, butthis leads to death by dehydration after a few days. I would onlyrecommend removing them from water for a max amount of 4-6 hours aday.

Do red ear slider turtles have to bask?

Yes red ear sliders have to bask because if they don't, the shell of the red ear slider will soften and he or she will be very sick and might die, and if your red ear slider does not bask, then just place he or she there with a UV light.

Is a red eared slider turtle a carnivore?

A Red eared slider turtle is an omnivore. They tend to stick to a more carnivore diet as a baby, and grow into being more herbivorous as they age. You can buy turtle pellet food from a local pet store to feed them as a base diet but you should also feed them a variety of different food such as: eart (MORE)

What eats red-eared turtles?

Depending on the region where the turtle lives, different predators will eat turtles. Birds of prey, alligators, snakes, raccoons, dogs, cats and larger turtles will all eat red-eared sliders depending on their size. Smaller turtles are more easily caught than others.

Do red ear sliding turtles have salmonella?

It is very hard to answer that unless you take it to a vet. Some may or may not it depends on where they have been and what they have eaten. I hope this answers your question!

How can you make a red eared turtle grow faster?

feed them a little more food that you usually do and make the water a little more hot (just a little) hear is a list for what you can feed them gold fish earth worms meal worms crickets shredded up vegetables on a little plate

When do red eared slider turtled hubernate?

they dont hibernate they brumate. In the wild they start brumating in October when the temperature reaches below 10 °C (50 °F) and they come back up in March. In captivity they cant brumate at room temperature.

How big is a red eared slider turtle going to grow?

A Red Eared Slider Turtle will grow to be approximately 7-12 inches depending on gender. Females are often 10-12 inches (25-30.5 cm), while males are 7-9 inches (17.8-22.8 cm). A good website to checkout for more information on the Red Eared Slider Turtle is included in the related links.