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How has basketball affected society?

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Basketball has affected society in more than one way. It has expanded the game to people who would otherwise have played it, and it has also popularized brand names and tattoos.
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How does air pressure affect the bounce of a basketball?

The question is best answered in terms of elasticity. A highly elastic collision will retain most energy (a good bounce), an inelastic collision dissipates (wastes) almost a

How does the stance of a basketball player affect the basketball shot?

It can affect the shot's accuracy.   If you are unbalanced, your shot will most likely not be straight, unless you anticipate the shot.   You have the most control over

How did the mccoy lubricator affect society?

The Mccoy Lubricator, also known as Mccoy'sMojo, affected scoiety poltically, socially, and ecnomically. The lubricator hadmany uses politically as it allowed for smoth operat

How did the washing machine affect society?

The washing machine was one of the early developments for the home that would save time and effort. Along with other developments in the same era it helped to free housewives

What is Inertia's affect on basketball?

Inertia is a physicl property that affect the ability of an object to change its state of motion. In another word, a tennis ball is easy to throw and is easy to stop. However,

Why does height affect your accuracy when you throw a basketball?

Height does not really affect the accuracy of your basketball throwing. However, tall people tend to underestimate the distance to the net and small people tend to overestimat

What impact does basketball have on today's society?

Basketball has a large impact on our society. In the NBA, the teams bring out nationalism within their city. The infamous Celtics-Lakers rivalry always produces tension with

How does gravity affect the bounce of a basketball?

Gravity affects the bounce of a basketball because if there is gravity, the basketball will come back down after it bounces. But if there is no gravity, the basketball will bo

How does the size of a basketball affect the shot?

  yes! different basketballs affect your shoot because of the texture,brand,and how much air the ball has.sometimes it has to do witht the weather like if it rains or snow

How does finance affect society?

Finance Does Affect Society In Various Ways As It Is The Very Lifeblood Of Any Organization Or Household,Without The Source Of Finance It Might Be Almost Impossible To Operate

How does death affect society?

Death can affect society because if a large amount of people die - more jobs will be available and if theres not enough people to fufill those jobs , jobs can go out of buisne

Does weather affect basketball?

It does and doesn't. If it is just rain or other just normal weather, all stadiums are enclosed, and are indoors. If it is a hurricane or a tornado, they would most likely end