How has basketball affected society?

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Basketball has affected society in more than one way. It has expanded the game to people who would otherwise have played it, and it has also popularized brand names and tattoos.
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Does weather affect basketball?

It does and doesn't. If it is just rain or other just normal weather, all stadiums are enclosed, and are indoors. If it is a hurricane or a tornado, they would most likely end

How does temperature affect the materials of a basketball?

Im not a scientist but i think this might help. . Heat causes rubber to expand and weaken. the pressure inside the ball caused by the amount of air is no longer contained by

Does leather affect the bounce of a basketball?

The leather is put on the basketball for grip, wear and tear, andconsistency. The bounce of the ball comes from the rubber bladderthat the leather is surrounding. Air pressure

How does basketball affect everyday life?

it effects evryday life because if u play then u dont just jump outta bed and be an amzing bb player, u have to practice everyday

What are the effects that basketball had on society?

In the 70s and 80s it has helped mainstream some of the worst things plaguing our society today. Even the rules foster negative influences. Example: rather than scoring being

What impact does basketball have on today's society?

Basketball has a large impact on our society. In the NBA, the teams bring out nationalism within their city. The infamous Celtics-Lakers rivalry always produces tension wit

How is basketball affected by violence?

basketball is affected by violence because when a player from another team push or knock you down you just want to just beat them down. I hope that helped

How does momentum affect basketball?

Players can become excited and play better if they are winning or just have momentum. If it's a home crowd, then they make more noise. Result? Better basketball!