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How has wind technology affect the lives of the people who use it?

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The overall effect in minor but it does have an effect.One being due to its structure it affects the surrounding area.
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How information technology is affecting us?

  The new generation of aircraft that is currently being developed makes greater use of computer technology than current aircraft. These new aircraft will require pilots t

How does technology affect your lives?

Technology affects our lives by just giving us simpler ways to look up something such as a report instead of looking it up in a encyclopedia.

How do science and technology affects your lives?

In today's world, science and technology (S&T) have taken on ever greater importance in daily life, a trend that will continue as we enter the 21st century. They have brought

How does science and technology affects your lives?

It has helped treat patients with diseases and injuries and actually successfully save them. It has improved the speed and efficiency of production of goods and it is of bet

Can people live without technology?

No! Without technology, we'd still be in the Stone Age. Even people who admitted it can't even live without it! Technology helps people to communicate others, discover new thi

What are metalloids used for and how does it affect technology?

    It is used in computer chips. Metaloids are elements on the periodic table that are not true metals, but have some characteristics of metals, like electric conduc

How does technology affect people?

  We interact with practical applications of scientific knowledge, more commonly known as technologies, on a daily basis. We wake to an alarm clock, cook breakfast on a ga

How is technology affecting us negatively?

Even though Technology is fun and enjoyable, Technology can affect us in a lot of negative ways. Here are some examples: Instead of being physically active, you decide to u

How does wind affect our everyday lives?

wind affects our every day lives because every day we have a least  10% of wind, and wind can affect us because if we wanted to go to  the pool it may be too cool to go, and

What wind system affects the US?

Monsoon winds are good examples as they affect the climate of the countries over which they blow. Monsoons are sudden seasonal reversals in wind direction.They bring heavy r

How does wind affect people?

Wind can be very different. It can be human wind,(lol) or it can be just natures air moving. But natures air affects us more than human wind (phaa stinky lol). This is because

How does technology affects your lives?

technology affects our lives by harming us. i am scared of technology and you should be to. YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH IT AFFECTS ME AND YOU SO BURN ALL TECHNOLOGY AND I WILL

How is technology improving people lives?

In a medical sense, technology is improving people's lives because  of better diagnostic equipment. Because of earlier and more  effective diagnoses, disease and other condi