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No but kony has
well it changed a lot.. one thing dat changed was CLI.. CLI is when some one calls u can see who called because there # will show on the top.... and there was no speaker phone to..
Telephone numbers have got longer. They are smaller and portable. I can remember working at my first job on a modern switchboard and I had to insert huge plugs to answer and then pull down a switch to buzz the person I wished to connect with. One I even had to turn a handle to make it ring and the extension numbers were like dolls eyes and opened and shut as the connection was made.
well this is simple just look at the mobile phone timeline and you will see that mobile phones use to be the size of bricks (no joke) but nowadays they are the size of your palm and can do all sorts of things including WAP(phones internet), text, gaming, video calling, listerning to music and more
and that's basically it but remember new phones are always getting released so with better features then the one before that
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