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How is AIDS diagnosed?

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What tests are used to diagnose AIDS?

Answer . \nAIDS is the syndrom manifested when the body has been infected by HIV. HIV positive with symptoms like TB and other opportunistic infections is called AIDS. As

How is aids physically diagnosed?

AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) isn't a disease -- it's a lack of effective immune response cause by HIV (Human ImmunoVirus). So AIDS is diagnosed by the existence

When did John Holmes get diagnosed with AIDS?

Holmes was diagnosed with AIDS late in 1985. He continued working until around 1986. John Holmes died at the veteran's Administration Hospital at Sepulveda, California on Marc

How Can AIDS be diagnosed?

AIDS in the medical condition that results from infection with the HIV virus. A person can potentially live years with HIV without having AIDS. . However, there are generally

What is the medical management for a patient diagnosed with AIDS?

Make sure you inform your now/past partners about your situation so they can get tested as well. Second, take your meds every single day. If you have someone caring for you,