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How is Aunt Imogen a modernist poem Select all that apply.?

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A.) It uses traditional verse form to express its message. B.)It uses ornate language to celebrate and pay tribute to the individual. C.)It addresses feelings of alienation and isolation. D.)It focuses on the discovery of the true self.
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What is summary of aunt Jennifer's tiger poem?

Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers", depicts a woman trapped within the cultural constraints and responsibilities of married life.    In the first stanza, Aunt Jen

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Aunt Jennifer's Tiger poem summary?

Aunt Jennifer's Tigers," which appeared in Rich's first collection of poems, is typical of her early work, illustrating the modest poetic ambitions for which she was praised b
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Fallacies select all that apply?

There are a few things you have to know about fallacies select.  Fallacies select is used on files on individuals.
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What are the features of a good recrystallization solvent Select all that apply?

the choices  A)We should be able to easily remove the solvent from the  purified product.   B) The solvent should have a high boiling point.   C) The solvent should