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How is Aunt Imogen a modernist poem Select all that apply.?

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A.) It uses traditional verse form to express its message. B.)It uses ornate language to celebrate and pay tribute to the individual. C.)It addresses feelings of alienation and isolation. D.)It focuses on the discovery of the true self.
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What makes Life is Fine a modernist poem?

it focuses on dialect and its theme of alienation

Does all the lines in a poem have to be capitalized?

  I believe you mean, "Do the first letters of every line in a poem have to be capitalized?" I am also assuming you are then quoting the poem. The answer is that it depe

How is Oread a Modernist poem?

It uses Imagism to describe one object.

Do all poems need a title?

  Yes, all poems need a title, just like all books, songs, and movies need a title.

What is the central theme of the poem Aunt Jennifer's Tigers by Adrienne Rich?

An Analysis of "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" It is difficult to depict a primary poetic technique within this poem. The reason being that, many devices are used to bring forth the

How is the all-star team selected?

this answer is based on cricket. batting order: first you choose the openers. the way to choose the openers are by choosing 2 explosive batsman. then the person at 1 down. y

What is the meaning of the poem All but Blind?

The meaning of the poem all but blind is the way a person is loved,  affects their entire life. For example, how all the animals are  blind to the speaker, he assumes that t
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Fallacies select all that apply?

There are a few things you have to know about fallacies select.  Fallacies select is used on files on individuals.