How is Connecticut special?

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Connecticut is one of the original thirteen colonies. It is known as the nutmeg state and was home to Mark Twain, author of Huckleberry Finn, Harriett Beecher Stowe author of Uncle Tom's Cabin and Daniel Webster, who compiled the first dictionary.
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What is there to do in Connecticut?

A few of the many options: Plays at the Bushnell and Warner theaters, Bradley Playhouse, concerts, musicals at Goodspeed Opera House; White-water rafting, sailing, hikin

What is Connecticut?

Connecticut is a US state that borders New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It is on the Atlantic coast, more specifically on Long Island Sound.

How long has Connecticut been Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker founded the Connecticut Colony in 1636 on the site of present-day Hartford. It was a small settlement. Other small settlements were founded in the next several

Special geographic features of Connecticut?

Connecticut is a state in the northeast portion of the UnitedStates. There are many geographical features, such as mountains,valleys, rivers, lakes, and forests.

What can you do in Connecticut?

There's a ton of fun things to do in Connecticut. Depending on who you're traveling with, I suggest you rent a car or a 15 passenger van. Then you'll be free to check out all

What Connecticut is?

Connecticut is a state in the northeastern region of the united states of America
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Where is Connecticut?

Connecticut is a New England state, on the northern US Atlantic coast. It is immediately south of Massachusetts (along with Rhode Island to its east) and faces south on Long I