How is Madagascar governed?

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It is a semi-presidential representative democratic multiparty republic,
which is where a president is elected and appointed head of state and appoints a prime minister to form a government. Its human rights are protected under the constitution, unlike most countries in Africa, but in 2009 the United States Department of State noticed concerns regarding the election process. To add onto that there have been widespread reports regarding limitations on the freedom of the press, child prostitution and labor, and corruption.
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What kind of government does Madagascar have?

Answer . Anytime you need to know current information on a country, Google "CIA Fact Book" and the name of the country. The CIA publishes very good information that is brie

What is Madagascar?

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Is there a government in Madagascar?

NOOO! ITS RUN BY A LION NAMED TOM! but seriously yes it does have a government, its a republic and its president is Andry Rajoelina

Why is Madagascar have an unstable government?

Politics of Madagascar takes place in a framework of a semi-presidential representative democratic republic , whereby the President of Madagascar is head of state an