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How is a Christian united to the sacrifice of Christ?

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In the Eucharist, a person receives individual graces from Christ strengthening his or her relationship with God. At this time, the members of the church are united in Christ through the Eucharist.
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Where the believers in Christ first called Christian?

No, originally all Christians were simply Jews who followed Jesus. As the religion expanded however, the question of whether or not Gentiles (non-Jews) could be followers of C

What does the United Church of Christ believe?

The United Church of Christ beliefs are considered by some to be extremely liberal. Within the church, there is some diversity of beliefs, and individual congregations have so

What were Christians called before Christ?

There was no organization before Christ, so there was no name for them. While there were many Jews that became Christians, there were also others that had no religion. The wo

What was the first Christian church established after Christ?

The Catholic was established in the New Testament. While they have  different names based on the city were they were located, they were  undivided in the faith. The church s

What is the doctrine of the United Church of Christ?

  They are a Protestant denomination, and are an "open and affirming church"--meaning that those of all races, genders and sexual orientations are fully included in the mi

What does the Christian Church Disciples of Christ believe?

Here is the preamble to the Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It's basically the constitution of the denomination. As members of the Christian Church,

When did Jesus Christ become a Christian?

You can't really say that Jesus Christ was a Christian since "Christian" means follower of Christ (literally it means Christ-like). He was more the Father of Christianity. The

How is sacrifice important to christians?

Because it shows that nothing is before God. If your favorite thing is to watch TV and sports, sacrifice it for the week and pray to God to show him that Sports is not in fron

What is the importance of Jesus Christ in Christianity?

  # importance of jesus.   a) the coming of jesus was a fulfilment of prophecy,his death gave us free access to God.   'follow after them who through faith and pat

In the age before Christ did the sacrifice of the Hebrews please God?

The only person who could answer this question is God himself. However, if the rituals were done proporly, and the people followed the law of God to the letter, then yes, the

Roman Catholic Church that symbolically reenacts the Sacrifice of Christ is?

Roman Catholic Answer You are referring to the Most Holy Eucharist, otherwise called the Mass; but you have it wrong, it does NOT symbolically re-enact the Sacrifice of Christ

Why do Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ?

Because of the resurrection of Christ Jesus, Christian's have  assurance of the resurrection of all persons-some to salvation;  some to perdition. That is God's ultimate ans

Why did Saul reject Jesus Christ and the Christians?

A New Testament perspective:Saul (originally) rejected Christianity  for the same reason that all the "devout Pharisees" rejected  Jesus; His teachings exposed their pompous