How is a room in a house similar to a cell?

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A room and a cell are alike in that they are isolated parts of a collection. The rooms have walls which separate them from the other rooms of the house, and the cells have cell membranes (and cell walls for plant cells) which separate them from the other cells in the tissue. However, you can take the analogy a lot further if you compare the house to the cell.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like a hallway
The Mitochondria are like the furnace.
The nucleolus is like the teenager who has a part time job. He can't quite make enough to be on his own, but he does contribute to his own care.
The vacuole is like the the garbage bag.
The lysozome is the kitchen with an attached garage. This is where the eating goes on. It is sort of in the house, but sort of outside the house. And it allows the car with groceries into the house.
The cell wall is like the exterior walls of a house. Some houses are brick, some are wood, and the cell walls can be different densities depending on what the cell is used for.
the endoplasmic reticulum is the plumbing.
The ribosome is a home business. It produces stuff to go out and benefit the cell.
The Golgi apparatus is the coat room, or closet. It provides clothing for the cells occupants before they leave the cell.
the centrosome is like a divorce lawyer.
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How are cells similar to the bricks of a building?

cells are similar by the shape and size cells are similar by the shape and size

How are prokaryotic cells similar to eukaryotic cells?

Both have DNA as their genetic material (it's DNA that tells cells what kind of cells they should be). . Both are covered by a cell membrane. . Both contain RNA. . Both are made from the same basic chemicals: carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acid, minerals, fats and vitamins. . Both have ribosomes (the structures on which proteins are made). . Both regulate the flow of the nutrients and wastes that enter and leave them. . Both have similar basic metabolism (life processes) like photosynthesis and reproduction. . Both require a supply of energy. . Both are highly regulated by elaborate sensing systems ("chemical noses") that make them aware of the reactions within them and the environment around them. That's what prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have in common. But there are significant differences between them too. The two main differences are age and structure.(: ~~christina was here!

What are the Similarities of a house and a apartament?

One of the similarities of a house and an apartment is that theyare both homes for people to live in. They also both have the sametypes of rooms in them.

What is the similarities between a house and a apartment?

\nThey usually have doors, walls, and windows, and people live in them. Without a better question no one can help you.

What are the similarities of plant and animal cells?

The have all the same parts, except the cells have two more parts to it- the chloroplasts and the cell walls.

How are neurons similar to other cells?

Like all cells, they require a blood supply in order to obtain needed oxygen and other nutrients.

How are animal and plant cells similar?

Plants and Animal cells are similar because they both have Lysones,Mitochondria, and cell membranes. . Plant Cells Have -Cell Wall -Chlyroplactics -Lysones (limited amount) -Mitochondria -Cell membrane -LG Vacuole H2O . Animal Cells Have -No Cell Wall -No Chlyroplactics -Lysones -Mitochondria -Nucleus -Cell Membrane -Small Vacuoles

What are the similarities between a house and an apartment?

Some similarities between a house and an apartment is that they both have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and a living area. But apartments are smaller, houses can have more rooms.

In what way are cells similar to atoms?

Atoms are the building blocks of matter while cells are the building blocks of life. Also, they both have nuclei and sub parts (protons, electrons, mitochondria, ribosomes).

How are nerve cells similar to other cells?

If you mean another eukaryotic cell of the organism, then there are many similarities as they would share many of the same organelles. They would all have Golgi apparatus, a nucleus, mitochondria, vesicles etc. However, nerve cells (depending on the type of nerve cell) may have an axon (myelinated/non myelinated), more mitochondria at the axon terminal for synaptic transmission, a large number of calcium ion channels and sodium/potassium ion pumps. Nerve cells have a very specialised function, so there would be many differences, but there are plenty of similarities to think of, just mention the organelles they share with tissue cells functions they both perform. Their characteristics are determined by the selective expression or silencing of the genes that are contained in their nucleuses.

How are the Senate and the House of Represenitives similar?

they are not. The house of representatives is voter for by electorates throughout the nation regardless of states interest. and the senate is there to look after the interest of the states.

How are lettuce cells similar to onion cells?

They both have a cell wall, a vacuole, and chloroplast, smooth and rough ER, and much more.

What is similar about plant and animal cells?

The only thing not similar about the two is a plant cell has a cell wall and chloroplasts. Everything else is the same.

How are embryonic cells and cancer cells similar?

Both embryonic stem cells and cancer cells are (1) rapid-growing and (2) usually undifferentiated.. Undifferentiated means that they are very primative cells which have not acquired a specific function such as nerve cells, muscle cells, lung cells, etc.

What are the similarities of the house and senate?

the main similarity between the two houses is they serve the same purpose. They both exist to create legislation in our nation. In addition they both have the ability to create bills, and all bills must go through both houses to become law (with some exceptions, but this is meant to be the general course by which a bill becomes a law

What is similar to the cell chloroplast in a city?

It captures light energy to make food for the cell, so I would say that it would be a grocery store in a city. The Solar Array department.

What is similar about sperm cells and egg cells?

Both are sex cells. The joining of both gametes produces a single-celled zygote. Both are a gamete not sure if that counts though

Coacervates are similar to cells but lack whAT?

coacervates are similar to cell but they do not have a lipid membrane and can not reproduce

How are animal cells similar to plant cells?

They both have cytoplasm, a nucleus, ribosomes and mitochondria. But that's about it, I'm afraid, as plant cells also have a cell wall, chloroplasts, different amounts of chromosomes, as well as other things a GCSE student wouldn't be able to tell you.

Solar cell similarities to plant cells?

Solar cells are definitely similar to plant cells for one very bigreason. Both cells need sunlight in order to operate the mostefficiently.

How are the House and Senate similar?

The House and Senate are similar in that they both form thelegislative branch of the government. This is known as bicameralform of legislature.

How are house phones and cell phones similar?

Both phones can make calls, and with some house phones you can see the history of the people you've called, like a cell phone. But you can't text, take pictures or video, play games, and get internet on a home phone, and you usually can on a cell phone.

The similarities of the sperm cells and the egg cells?

They both are reproductive cells. They both carry reproductive genetic material. They both have nuclei

How are plant cells and animals cells similar?

well they are both eukaryotic so they are very similar. However animal cells do not have a chloroplasts, while plant cells do. Also, animal cells have centrioles while plant cells do not. Another difference is that during mitosis and meiosis plant cells produce a cell plate, while animal cells produce cleavage furrow.

How are cells similar to factory or business?

They are similar because all cells and factories work together, produce things, package them, and ship them out.

How is a schwann cell similar to an oligodendrocyte?

Oligodendrocytes are glial cells that function in the CNS--the brain and spine. They provide insulation (myelin sheaths) in several locations, possibly multiple neurons. Meanwhile, schwann cells are glial cells that function in the PNS--peripheral nervous system, everything outside the brain and spine. Individually, they wrap around axons of nerves, forming individual segments of myelin sheaths. They, unlike oligodendrocytes, can guide repairs to damaged axons. Damage to the nerves in the brain are not so easily remedied.

Cell receptors and antibodies are similar?

Cell receptors and antibodies both have a specific shape requirement in order for them to work. I guess thats what makes them similar.

How is a human body similar to a house?

In one of the chapters of his book Beyond the Known (2001), Vietnamese martial artist Tri Thong Dang likens the body to a house and its parts. For instance, he says that the internal wooden frame of a house is like the human skeleton. Electrical wires are like the nerves and synapses. The water pipes are like blood vessels. The brick or siding on the outside is like skin. These are just a few examples. This is actually connected to Asian philosophy. Both Indian and Chinese cultures view the human body as a microcosm of the universe. A good example of this is the Chinese creator god Pangu. According to legend, after separating the dark and light energies of yin and yang, Pangu died. His eyes became the sun and moon, his skin dirt, his breath clouds, his blood rivers and lakes, and his skeleton mountains and rocks.

Is the skin similar to the cell membrane?

No. The cell membrane is a bi-phosphate layer which is living it is very thin creates a barrier between cellular cytoplasm and intracellular fluids allowing cells to create environments within which differ from the surrounding fluids. The skin is made of many layers of cells, and has many functions and parts including sebatious glands which secrete oil on to the surface of the skin. It is primarily a barrier to infection and loss of fluid.

Why are Greek and Roman houses similar?

They both use nearly the same kinds of rocks and materials, and they are carved nearly the same. Same as temples. But some of the carvings and those things have some meanings. So I am sure that those stuff are different.

How are Cheek cells and plant cells similar?

Cheek cell and plant cell are similar as both are eukaryotics cell and both of them contain membrane bound nucleus.

What are the similarities of the two houses of congress?

The representatives in both are voted for by the people, and a bill can start in either house (except for all revenue bills, which have to originate in the House of Representatives).

How is the cell wall and cell membrane similar?

They both are the outer boundary of their respective cells. Animal cells have cell membranes. Plant and fungal cells have cell walls.

How are prokaryote eukaryotic cells similar?

Both have DNA as their genetic material (it's DNA that tells cells what kind of cells they should be). . Both are covered by a cell membrane. . Both contain RNA. . Both are made from the same basic chemicals: carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acid, minerals, fats and vitamins. . Both have ribosomes (the structures on which proteins are made). . Both regulate the flow of the nutrients and wastes that enter and leave them. . Both have similar basic metabolism (life processes) like photosynthesis and reproduction. . Both require a supply of energy. . Both are highly regulated by elaborate sensing systems ("chemical noses") that make them aware of the reactions within them and the environment around them. .

How are cells similar to the brick of a building?

The building bricks are arranged and organized to form walls, houses, large buildings etc.. Similarly, the cells in the bodies of living organisms are organized in a specific way and form the body of organisms. Thus, we can conclude that cells are similar to the brick of a building.

Are cells similar in all plants?

Yes. All organisms are made of cells. As I said before, nothing will continue to grow or flourish.

Are skunks similar to house pets?

Any wild animal for the most part can be tame or be altered somehow that they can be domesticated. Skunks can be house pets. If they werent so stinky Id say they were so darn cute.

How are sex cells and somatic cells similar?

They both have DNA in the form of chromosomes, they both contain the same genetic material (if they are in the same organism) and they both have similar structures (such as the cell membrane).

What are the similarities in a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell?

Everything is the same except for the cell wall the cell membrane and the vacuole

What is the similar of plant cell and animal cell?

Well - the both have a membrane and a nucleus as well as they can share other things like vacuoles - although it depends on the animal cell - an animal cell and plant cell is quite general.

How is the plant cell similar to the solar cell?

Plant cells and solar cells BOTH convert sunlight into energy. In the case of plants it is chemical energy - for solar cells it is electricity. Plants use organic processes but solar cells use inorganic semiconductors.

What is the similarity of a house and a home?

A house is a building or structure suitable for a living animal (or person) to live in. A home is where a living animal (or person) actually lives.

What are the similarities of a roman house and a modern house?

In most parts of the Roman Empire wealthy homeowner lived in one story building with few windows. This was to prevent both noise coming from the streets. Wealthy homeowners' often rented out the two front rooms of their home to merchants if they lived on a busy streets. As you are able to see in the diagram below a wealthy Roman Citizen lived in a large home. These homes were separated into two parts, and linked together through the Tablinum/study or a small passageway. A modern home for today's home owner providing the latest in cost effective, energy,efficient,comfortable,healthy,green,sustainable technology

How is cheek cells similar to skin cells?

The cheek cells and skin cells are similar becuase they both are cells they are on the body.

What are animal Cell and plant Cell similarities?

With out sufficient time or space, please allow that thesimilarities outweigh the differences by 'at the very least amillion to one'.

What are the similarities that plant and animal cells have?

well they both are eukaryotic cells , mitochondria , ribosomes,and nucleus icluding the nucleolus hope this helps!

What is a cell wall similar to inside the house?

The cell wall is similar to the outside walls of a house. They bothprovide structure for the inside.

How is euglena similar to plant cells?

A eugena is a once-celled organism that displays animalcharacteristics by moving about and eating. The eugena displays plant characteristics by using photosynthesisto make its own food, as well eating. The original classification of organisms had 2 kingdoms: Plant andanimals. But when eugenii were discovered, the scientists had toadd a 3rd kingdom for it . . . Protista, or protists, meaningone-celled organisms. There are about 800 different species of eugenia.

How are elodea cells similar to cheek cells?

The cheek cell is an animal cell and the Elodea cell is a plantcell. Both cells have have a Nucleus, Nucleolus, Nuclear Membrane,Mitochondrion, Centrosome, Rough ER, Smooth ER, Ribosomes, Golgibody, Cell membrane, Cytoplasm and Vacuole. However, there are someparts that the animal cell have that a plant cell does not andthere are some parts a plant cell have that an animal cell doesnot. You can look at the pictures in the URLs [related links]. dumbdumb this is in biology.

Are prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells similar?

Somewhat. Living cells have cell membranes, genetic material &ribosomes in COMMON. But, prokaryotes lack an organized nucleus and other membrane-boundorganelles. They have a cell wall that acts as an extra layer ofprotection and they are smaller. Eukaryotes have membrane bound organelles. They are much larger tohold these organelles.