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Water falls over Hard rock. When it reaches the soft rock, the water starts to wear away the soft rock, this is called erosion. Over hundreds or even thousands of years, the soft rock is slowly eaten away or eroded and the river begins to cut down further into the soft rock. This makes a cliff over which the water can topple. Over time, the cliff becomes steeper as more soft rock is eroded, and deeper as bigger boulders come over the waterfall, and the ground gets beaten with more and more rocks until it creates a plunge pool. Some of the water goes under the waterfall and under cuts the soft rock. More of the hard rock begins to fall away and the waterfall slowly moves upstream.
Water falls are formed when a layer of soft rock is under a layer of hard rock. The soft rock is eroded forming a plunge pool. The hard rock fall in the plunge pool. As this keeps happening both layers stay the same and the water falls to the rivers.

Waterfalls are formed by erosional processes- Hydraulic, corrosion and attrition action. Waterfalls form where rivers meet a less resistant rock, after flowing over more resistant rock. The hard rock eventually collapses into the plunge pool at the bottom and the soft rock is eroded back.
It all starts off on top of a high elevation, such as a mountain, and when it rains the water tumbles down the mountain or hill. Sometimes there is no path for the water to follow so it must fall of the cliff. There is a layer of hard rock underneath the water and soft rock underneath that. The soft rock erodes faster than the hard rock forming a curved ledge underneath the hard rock. A plunge pool would be formed at the bottom once the water had started tumbling down. After some time, the hard rock would erode too, pushing the waterfall upstream over years.
Wherever rain falls the laws of gravity assure that one way or another it will try to reach the ocean. Normally it moves to lower ground by lines of least resistance ie trickle down, first small creeks and streams slowly gathering to meet in a valley to form a river and down to the coast. Sometimes the rainfall on rocky platforms or plateau's can not find a route down hill. This water will gather until there is enough to find the line of least resistance and cascade over the edge of the plateau in a water fall. Over the course of time the rain will gouge out a permanent watercourse at this point
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Because it is a liquid and it will always flow to the lowest pointit can find

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by a high current that is from the sea in to a river and over time the rock has worn away by the water then a waterfall is formed with a very high current!

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  Waterfalls are usually formed from lakes, rivers or big bodies of water. Why/How- the water that has been there for a while erodes away at the rock until it has a passag

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many waterfalls are formed at the edge of a slope that was part of a river. they occur when river flows over different types of rock.

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    Waterfall is the term for a gravitational fall of water in a river. (water fall.) It forms quite the same way as canyons: The river carves through the berg or what

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To begin with, the river tee runs along the top of a cliff. It then flows over the side, forming a basic overhang. The force of the water (the average is a volume of about 50
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Do all waterfalls form the same way?

Yes and no. They all form as a result of a sudden drop in height  in a waterway's bedrock, so that's your yes. The 'no' is the result  of the many different forms a waterfal