How is an alias summons issued?

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An alias summons, in most jurisdictions, is what the summons is called on the second attempt to serve the defendant with process. Service of it is accomplished in the same way that the original summons is served, unless governing law provides differently. The third and subsequent summonses are often referred to as pluries summonses.
It would be issued & served on the known birth name of the person. However - it would also have the alias(es) listed on the document - so that the person tho whom it relates cannot say they weren't the person concerned.
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If you just received an alias summons from civil court regarding a repossessed car saying you owe 6800 why are they calling it an alias summons and how can you prevent garnishment?

Answer . An alias summons is a duplicate summons issued at another time, or served in another way after the original has expired, or hasn't been served, or had no effect,

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What is an alias summons?

A summons issued when original has not produced its effect because defective in form or manner of service, and when issued, supersedes the original summons.

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Then the judge normally finds you guilty and you can get tried for contempt of court (that second doesn't always happen). If you plan on anything besides a terminal disease, m