How is anthropology related to education?

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Anthropology- study of humans. (culture, past, present, evolution of~).

There could be several ways to interpret how anthropology is related to education. I think you could study the culture of a classroom, in order to best determine what would fit the needs of the teacher and students. Or if you're referring to teaching anthropology- anthropology is a major. So that's related to education because people study it?
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How are sociology related to anthropology?

Both sociology and anthropology investigate why humans behave theway they do. Through research, both disciplines have taught us whyhumans relationships and technology.

What is the relationship between education and anthropology?

Education at it's core refers to the pursuit of knowledge. Anthropology is the study of people and their culture. Since inherent learning structures are a part of Anthropology

How is physical anthropology related to cultural anthropology?

Cultural anthropology is the study of human culture across geographic and temporal spans. Physical anthropology is primarily associated with the study of human evolution and t

How does sociology and anthropology related to psychology?

First of all, please use correct grammar when asking a question: "How are sociology and anthropology related to psychology" or "How do sociology and anthropology relate to

How does sociology and anthropology related to history?

History is a recording of the past and past events altogether. Anthropology focuses specifically the human race's origins and ancestry, but also works to foretell what will

How is economics related to anthropology?

If you consider that Anthropology investigates all aspects of human society, the interaction and accumulation of goods and services and their values, then it is extremely rele
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Is anthropology related to science?

Yes it is. Anthropology is the historical scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.