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Beer has four main ingredients: malted barley (or occasionally other grains such as wheat), yeast, hops and water. The barley is "malted" by being dampend and allowed to germinate. The malted barley is handled in a variety of ways, and this is one reason why beer is so varied in flavour, colour and other characteristics. In general, the malted barley is roasted (and this is largely what imparts the colour) and then mixed with the water, yeast and hops to ferment. The hops impart the beer flavour, and, once again, vary greatly in character, quality and amount. Beers are fermented in different ways too. They can be "top-fermented" or "bottom fermented" referring to how the yeast is added. The results of these different techniques are called either pilsners or ales, and a heffeweisen is a beer which ferments using only the natural yeasts in the air (they're all around us!!!). The end product is filtered (and, in big companies, pasteurized - ie. boiled!) and then bottled. The bubbles are CO2 produced by the yeast as they eat the sugars from the malt. The yeast are little animals which live until all the sugar is consumed by them, and they leave two valuable by-products: alcohol and carbon dioxide.
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What are the main ingredients in beer?

Water, yeast (for fermentation), malt, and hops are the four main ingredients.

How long will beer cheese last refrigerated after made ingredients are velveeta garlic powder hot sauce and 1 beer?

Well, I've never heard of such a thing, but I'll take a stab at it: Velveeta is a processed cheese product, not actual cheese, and it has a very long shelf life. There should

What is beer made of?

Water, barley, hops and yeast are the basic ingredients of beer. Adjuncts such as additional grains - corn, rice, rye, oats, wheat; various sugars - such as Belgian candy suga

What are the ingredients in corona beer?

All natural ingredients: water, barley, hops & yeast- one of the few beers that doesn't have rice in it. -To correct the above answer, there are tons of craft beer and impor

What are the ingredients in Beer?

Beer can contain a number of ingredients.  Mainly they are water, sugar, yeast and the flavor is obtained from grains, such as barley wheat etc.  Hops cones are often added

Ingredients in root beer?

ANSWER:  Here is just few things you'll find in Root Beer.  Bourbon Vanilla   Licorice Root   Sarsaparilla Root Extract   Sasafrass Root Extract   Nutmeg 

Which ingredient produces beer to be bitter?

Yeast    ANS 2 - the hops or taste of them is what makes  beer 'bitter' . The only part yeast has in this is encouraging  fermentation.

What ingredients are in non alcoholic beer?

Non-alcoholic beer contains the same ingredients as beer, just with the alcohol removed. THE ALCOHOL IS NOT REMOVED!!!!!! IT IS MERELY LESSONED! There is alcohol in "non" alco

What are the ingredients in Budweiser beer?

Beers have four ingredients. The most important is the sugars from Barley and Rice. They are boiled with water and hops are added. They are then fermented by yeast.