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How is carbon significant to a living organism?

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All living organisms contain carbon.
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What property of carbon makes it so important in living organisms?

Able to form strong chemical bonds and multiple bonds. "Carbon is the main constituent of all living cells. It has chemical properties that make it the most important biologi

How is carbon transferred from living organisms to the atmosphere?

Carbon gets transferred from living organisms to the atmosphere through respiration this is when plants and animals give off carbon dioxide this is part of the carbon cycle.

What atoms does carbon bond with in living organisms?

very nearly anything.

How is the carbon cycle important to living organisms?

Plants need carbon for photosynthesis which later produces oxygen by breaking down water molecules. The oxygen released allows for the respiratory system in animals to functio

How does carbon from the nonliving environment become a part of living organisms?

Carbon enters living things through photosynthesis because producers (plants and other photosynthesizing organisms) use carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates and the compoun
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Why carbon oxygen and hydrogen are vital for living organisms?

    Hydrogen and Oxygen are essential for life because of the tasks they preform.   Hydrogen, which is taken in through H2O as well as H2, is used for the transfer
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How do living organisms return carbon to the atmosphere?

There are several different processes by which living organisms return carbon to the atmosphere. When animals (or humans, who are technically a kind of animal) metabolize food