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How is carbon significant to a living organism?

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All living organisms contain carbon.
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Why carbon is vital for living organisms?

Every living organism is made up of carbon. It's in the atmosphere and our bodies. We exhale carbon-dioxide when we breathe and plants take in carbon-dioxide when they respire

How does carbon enter living organisms?

Hydrocarbons (such as sugars) contain carbon, food contains sugars (therefore carbon), we eat food (and by the previous statements, carbon)

What is carbon needed by living organism?

Life - what is it made of? The Importance of Carbon Life, as we know it, depends on the existence of large molecules built around chains of carbon atoms. However, livin
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How is the carbon cycle important to living organisms?

Plants need carbon for photosynthesis which later produces oxygen by breaking down water molecules. The oxygen released allows for the respiratory system in animals to functio