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first, people fly a plane over the clouds, they spray salt over them, the water droplets in the cloud mix with the salt, and combine to make a large rain drop, and, last but not least, it rains.
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How does cloud seeding work?

Cloud seeding is a technique which has been studied and practiced  since the 1940's. The science behind it is to drop ice forming  materials, such as silver iodide or other

Is cloud seeding good or bad?

both, cloud seeding can cause floods,hurricanes, and tornadoes so that is bad, but on the other hand it is good because it causes places in droughts to have rain and it causes

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud seeding?

The advantages of cloud seeding are the possibility of creating  rain in areas of need (drought), enabling food crops and the  economic improvement of developing countries.

When is a weed seed done germinating?

Depends on how you do it, but the seed should be done in 12-48 hours. Basically When the shell of it has broken an you can start to see the white root thing coming out, althou

What are the dangers of cloud seeding?

There are many possible dangers of cloud seeding. Cloud seeding is dangerous because it forces unnatural changes in clouds by using chemicals that could harm the health the hu

How cloud seeding done?

People fly planes above the clouds and attempt to disperse Substances into the air to artificially Increase precipitation. They inject silver nitrate into the clouds either

What is the importance of cloud seeding?

When there is drought the crops die. Crops that we use for food,  fuel, all sorts of products including livestock feed. If the crops  die we have nothing to feed our poultry

How does cloud seeding help farmers?

yes, because it makes all the cloud rain to help the farmers when they are planting crops and plants..... They make the plants grow more easily or faster ..... By: Mz. FB

What is cloud seeding?

Cloud seeding can cause major weather storms. When cloud seeding releases silver iodide into the cloud it can cause humans to get diseases such as heart enlargment or amenia.

Is cloud seeding rain theft?

No, rain is a natural phenomenon, and natural phenomenon cannot be stolen.

What goes into the process of cloud seeding?

Cloud seeding attempts to change the amount or type of  precipitation that falls from clouds, by dispersing substances  (e.g. microscopic silver iodide crystals, dry ice) in