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How is coupon rate calculated on FRN instrument?

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FRN are bonds that have variable coupon. The Floating Rate Notes are calculated by adding the spread to the fixed reference rate for that day.
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What is zero coupon and how is it calculated to maturity?

A zero coupon bond is a bond which pays no interim cashflow (i.e. coupons). We usually price on the basis of percentage of Face Value (i.e. $100). So if you expected 5% return

Why is the coupon rate a bad estimate of a firm's cost of debt?

A coupon rate is not a good estimate of a firm's cost of debt, as  it is only a reflection of the firm's cost of debt when bonds were  issued, not the current cost of debt.

Difference between coupon rate and yield to maturity?

The coupon rate is the actually stated interest rate. This is the rate earned on a NEW issue bond. The yield to maturity takes into consideration the purchase price of a bond

What is relationship between a bond coupon rate and its duration?

  bond coupon rates and yield rates have very similar effects and a very similar relationship to duration, lemme explain, by first explain durations effects in relation to

How we calculate load of electrical instrument?

I am not an electrical guy....but since this question was left unanswered....i'll just put in some nonsense!! For AC Load: VxIxPF (V=VoltageRequired, I=Current Required, PF=Po

What is the relationship between coupon rate and bond price?

The Bond price is the amount of the bond when it becomes mature. The coupon rate is the amount of interest payable on the bond. Bonds have three major components The first

How can you transfer applications from one Texas Instruments calculator to another Texas Instruments calculator?

When using the TI-83 or 84, you connect the wires that should come with the calculator. Then, you must press Second and the button down 1 and right 1 on both calculators. On t

What is the relationship between coupon rate on a bond and security provisions?

Coupon Rate: The actual interest rate on the bond, usually payable in semiannual installments. The coupon rate normally stays constant during the life of the bond and indicate