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How is excision to make the completed mRNA accomplished?

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post transcriptional modifications such as cutting and splicing of exons!
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the introns are spliced out
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The making of proteins from the mRNA is called?

Proteins are not made of mRNA (it "only" carries the instructions from the nucleus) but from the amino acids that are brought by the tRNA (Transport) to the rRNA (Ribosomes).
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Do you make incision or excision for a biopsy?

U would make an incision then excise the tissue u were taking for biopsy - in meaning to go in, ex meaning to take out eg. Insert - to put in, exit - to go out. NB. I am not c
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What makes premature mrna and mature mrna different?

The premature mRNA is the transcribed product of the gene that codes specific protein but it still has some small sequences of nucleotides called introns. If those introns are