How is ma cherie said to a male?

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mon chéri
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What is going on if your wife called a male coworker into her office and said she wanted to be friends and asked him to call her and he said not likely?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYour actions are illegal and yes you are reading into this too far. Look for more absolute signs like late arrivals, suspicious activities etc. On a time you know she'd otherwise be free, suggest an outing (movie, dinner, picnic etc.) If there's an unexpected hesitation, t (MORE)

Is Cherie Bennett an American author?

Yes, Mrs. Bennett is an American author. She was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in Michigan, Detroit where her fist book was published while she was still in the University of Michigan in the early eighties.

What is mas?

M.A.S. is the abbreviation for Male Answer Syndrome . This is a syndrome in which the sufferer feels compelled to answer questions even when they know nothing about the subject of the question. The condition is almost exclusively found in males. The syndrome was first identified by Jobst Brandt an (MORE)

What does cherie mean?

The word cherie is a French word which means sweetheart or dear. Itis a term of endearment which is used toward a female.

How do you get your MA?

Complete your bachelors degree, pick a field for advanced study, find an institution that offers that program of study, look at their entrance requirements, apply to he school.

What is Cherie in English?

My darling girlfriend, I'd imagine. Ami(e) means friend, but in common usage boyfriend/girlfriend; chérie means "lovely", or "darling" as in "ma chérie", "my darling".

What is cherie in French?

"Chérie" is in French; it means "sweetheart" or "dear." "Tu es ma chérie" means you are my sweetheart (if you are sayingthis to a girl). For a guy, you would say "Tu es mon chéri."

What is the translation of 'mon cheri'?

The phrase 'mon cheri' may be translated as my darling . In the word-by-word translation, the possessive adjective 'mon' means 'my'. The noun 'cheri' means 'beloved, darling male'.

What does 'cheri' mean?

The word 'cheri' most commonly means beloved or darling . But it also may take on the meaning of 'boyfriend'. It's the masculine form of the word. So French speakers and writers apply the word to a male.

Who is your ma?

Your mamma is very very very very very very very very very very very very special!!!!!!!

A MA or an MA?

Are you referring to a degree? I would think an MA, even though the word following an starts with a consonant, it has a vowel sound when spoken.

This statement was said to you by a non Catholic Women should be priests because then there would be less sexual abuse by male priests what should you have said to her?

A priest from my seminary said: "To be a priest means to be called by God to be conformed in a special way to be like Jesus. Because Jesus was a man, a woman cannot be like Him in His Priesthood. No one is worthy of being a priest, it is a gift from God, so it is not right to think of this gift a (MORE)

What does je t'aime mon cheri?

that means " i love you darling". The sentence is addressed though to a man. If you want to say "i love you darling" to a woman, you have to say "je t'aime ma chérie".

What does mon petite cheri mean?

That phrase is not good French. The french expression ma petite cherie (referring to a woman) or mon petit cheri (referring to a man) is a term of affection, like "sweetheart" or "my dear". Literally it means "my little dear one".

Are Jefferson and 'cherie' possible?

The word 'cherie' is French for 'darling'. It's the feminine form of the endearment. The masculine form is 'cheri'. So 'Jefferson' and 'cherie' are a linguistic possibility if 'Jefferson' refers to a female.

What does bien ma cherie?

Cherie can mean "Babe" Or a word for "Girlfriend" Or "Luv" But if its a friend it should be alright luv

What rhymes with Cherie?

cherry, Merry, ferry, berry, very, Mary, Jerry, Merry, ferry, berry, very, Mary, Cary, scary, wary, Larry, airy, Gary, hairy, berry very wary merry scary hairy nary

Ma cherie-translate in Greek?

ma chérie means 'my darling' (speaking of a female person) in French. γλυκειά μου [gleekia mou], καλή μου [kalee mou], αγαπητή μου [aghapiti mou]

What does cherie fem kadow mean?

Sounds like Haitian Creole language, because of the spelling & I speak it so it's recognizable. Anyways the above answer was correct this phrase loosely means "baby,give me yourself as a gift". Which could be a man asking for a woman's love/body/attention/etc....

Meaning of mon cherie in French?

my darling , addressing a boy. Someone answered "my dear" but it is false as "mon cher", without the -i- means "my dear". Big difference.

Why did cherie currie leave the runaways?

The entire band had creative differences about the direction of The Runaways. Cherie released a solo album soon after their disbanding, and followed that with an album featuring herself and twin Marie Currie.

Is cherie a chee goh beh?

No, cherie is most definitely NOT a chee goh beh. The whole world knows that cherie is nice and kind and is a girl, and hence the answer is a definite no.

What does cheri mean on Bones?

The answer to the question is: Cheri is French for chéri. {A} beloved, darling, precious . {N} sweet, sugar, honey, poppet .

Is cherie currie still alive?

i think so, there is a picture of her with Kristen Stewart and Dakota fanning at an interview after their new film The Runaways

What does cherie belle mean in french?

"Beautiful dear/darling/sweetheart". Chérie is like a French equivalent of all the typical English pet-names. Also, the spelling indicates that you're talking about/to a girl. The male version of "Chérie" is "Chéri"

Can a male on depakote medication pass on the side effects of said drug to his children?

To be completely honest who knows what is passed and not passed to a fetus during any of the many amazing phases of the maturation. U just have to make sure u r aware of the known side effects from ppl who have experienced it. Make sure ur info is coming from a reputable source then listen to ppl. W (MORE)

What happened to cherie?

she got taken by aliens that invaded sladeworld and they wont give her back and i need you to take down the ship and save her

How can you tell tell if ma guinea pig is male or female?

if you pick up the guinea pig and feal under the chin and if it is bummpy it is a male and if it not it is a female but some times you can by the way it walks and lenght of tail if it has a short it is a female and long male and if it is very slow it is a female and fast a male hope that hepls and i (MORE)

What is Cheri DiNovo known for?

Cheri DiNovo is a Canadian politician, first elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 2006. She is a member of the New Democratic Party, and is known for her progressive stance on most issues.

What was Cheri Blair famous for?

She is a former barrister and the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. She was born in Bury, Lancashire, U.K. on September 23rd, 1954. She was in office from 1997 until 2007.

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What are the release dates for Cherie - 2005?

Cherie - 2005 was released on: USA: 9 August 2005 (Rhode Island International Film Festival) USA: March 2006 (Boston Underground Film Festival) Canada: 16 June 2006 (Worldwide Short Film Festival) USA: 11 August 2006 (San Francisco Short Film Festival)