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How is most of electrity used in the United States generated?

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By coal fired generators.
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How is coal used to generate electricity?

    Traditionally, coal is burned to produced heat, gasses, and solid waste. The heat is used to boil water. The steam produced turns a turbine which turns a generator

How can wood used to generate electricity?

Wood, oil, coal and gas can all be burned in power stations to heat up water. The water boils and turns to steam, driving a turbine, which turns a generator, producing electri

State the electrical unit used to indicate battery capacity?

  Answer 1   The electrical unit used to indicate the capacity of a battery is the Amp-hour. This is a theroetical statement of how many amps the battery is capable o

Can you use an electric motor as a generator?

Some types of dc electric motors can be used as generators of dc current if they are driven by another source of rotating power, such as a diesel or gas engine or an ac electr

What device is used to generate electricity?

                    A generator, alternator, or dynamo is a (usually) rotating machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical

What is the unit used to measure electricity?

-- volt -- ampere -- coulomb -- watt -- watt-second Alternative answer 'Electricity' is not a quantity, so has no unit of measurement. So, what you are probably re

Can potato be used to generator electricity?

How to Make a Potato Battery? School students pursuing science projects are particularly interested in knowing why and how fruits and vegetables conduct electricity. A simple

How is heat used to generate electricity?

Heat Generating Electricity   Turbine   Heat is used to make electricity by.... boiling water which in turn makes steam and is generally channeled through a turbine, t

How can the tides be used to generate electricity?

When the tide come in, you catch and hold the water, and when  the tide ebbs (runs out), the water can turn turbines and generate  electricity.   the tides go in and tur