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How is most of electrity used in the United States generated?

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By coal fired generators.
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Most of the electricity used in the world is generated by?

The majority of electricity is generated from fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas. Fossil fuels need to be replaced by other sources as the resources we rely on are becoming more

How is most electricity in the US generated?

About 45% of electricity in the US is from Coal fired power stations. Gas accounts for about 25% and Nuclear for 20% The remainder is mostly renewables, principally hydro-elec

Which source is used the most to generate electricity in the UK in 2009?

  Try entering "electrical generation percentage by fuel types 2009" in google, there are a number of sites that may help you.   Due to the "dash for gas" in electrical

When was the electric chair first used in the United States?

On August 6, 1890, the first execution using electrocution was performed on William Kemmler, convicted of killing his lover, Matilda Ziegler with an ax. The "electric chair" w