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How is overtime calculated on a bi monthly pay payroll?

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Usually hourly at time and a half. Can be banked, too.
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How is overtime pay usually calculated?

 Example: Employee works a total of 55 hours during the  week. The employee had 40 hours of "Regular Time" (sometimes called  "straight-time") and 15 hours of "Overtime."

How is payroll calculated?

Payroll is calculated by taking how many hours the employee worked and multiplying it by how much the employee gets paid per hour. Any money being withheld for taxes, insuranc

Meaning of payroll and how is it calculated in payroll?

A payroll is, in layman's terms, the out goings a company has to spend on its staff or human resources. These are often very complicated and difficult to figure out due to fac

What is a payroll and how is it calculated?

Payroll In a functional accounting sense, "payroll" consists of an employer's activities related to the compensation it pays to its employees (payroll accounting, payroll tax

What semi monthly payroll means?

Semi Monthly payroll means you get paid twice a month - most common semi monthly payrolls are every 5th and 20th.

What is semi-monthly payroll?

  Based on the specific state ruling to allow for a semi-monthly period, the period is as equal as possible amount of time twice each month.   Examples: 1st - 15th and

What is the most common payroll dates for semi-monthly pay periods?

The most common pay dates are the 15th and End of Month. The next most common is the 1st and 15th. While the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month seems to be the next most common.

What is a bi-monthly lease?

it is a lease that requires the tenant to pay the rent every other week no matter how many weeks are in that month. The drawback is the tenant, at the end of the year, will pa

How do you calculate overtime pay?

Overtime pay..   Most overtime hours are payed 1& 1/2 times your original hourly pay. SO if your payed $10.00 an hour you will be payed $15.00 for every overtime hour. $1

How do you convert a biweekly payroll to a semi-monthly payroll?

  The most important thing to determine if the STATE allows for the employer to pay their employees semi-monthly as each state is governed by their own pay day laws.  

Payroll report monthly?

    The Payroll report is a list of all employees working for a company. It usually includes name, position, type of contract (incl. overtime.. ye/no.. how much?) and
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How do you calculate overtime pay base daily rates?

This is a common misconception and is overly simplified. A true  overtime rate should be time and 1/2 on the "Base Rate" of pay or  the factor of 1.5 against the unburdened