How is petroleum used in everyday life?

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Petroleum is used in different forms to propel almost all vehicles, - cars, trucks, trains, ships and aircraft all run on some sort of petroleum.

Oils, lubricants for machines and you skin(vasoline), some household product and even make-ups have petroleum based/by products. Asphalt/tar and some plastics.
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How is tin used in everyday life?

Used to coat steel to pevent rust. Mixed with lead to makeelectrical solder, mixed with lead and antimony to make bullets,mixed with copper to make bronze.

How are radicals used in everyday life?

I sometimes use radicals for a quick and dirty error estimation on a questionable statistic, especially in baseball. Very roughly speaking, the error of a stat is its radical (square root), e.g. if a batter is 4 for 10 against a particular pitcher, the announcers sometimes get a little crazy and start lauding his .400 average!. Well I say, wait a minute, roughly speaking, those four hits have an error of plus or minus two hits for every 10 at bats. That gives an acceptable batting average range within error of .200 to .600, which basically tells you that you clearly don't have enough data yet to make any sort of analysis on that stat.

How is hydrogen used in everyday life?

Hydrogen is found in water, carbohydrates, fats and proteins which is contained in the food we eat.

How do you use math in everyday life?

Counting days in the month, counting money, money problems etc and time. I'm sure there are plenty more.

How is friction useful in everyday life?

It helps clean clothes in the washer. Friction is important in all aspects of life. Friction is a contact force caused by interactions at the molecular level. If friction was not present, any object accelerated on a flat surface would continue to move in that direction infinitely, or until it met an obstruction on that surface. Similarly, without friction, locomotion (moving) would not be possible because we would have no way of establishing contact with any surface. Our feet (or anything, for that matter) would not "grip" any surface, but rather accelerate across it in the direction of the muscle movement. Situations like these do not arise because there is no such thing as a completely frictionless surface. Friction, in terms of how it is used on Earth, can be very helpful in preventing motion. For example, it is the force of friction that allows brake pads to squeeze the rotors of a car's wheel, thus converting the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle into thermal energy, slowing it down.

How do you use geomatry in everyday life?

Geometry is used in every day life to measure other things. Forexample, to know how much carpet to buy for a room, a person willneed to know how to calculate area.

How is maths used in everyday life?

Maths is used in every day life by doing shopping and adding up. like everyday,also adding up sweets and working out the time

How is zinc used in everyday life?

it is used as currency of a country or used to make coins and some suntan lotions have zinc. Zinc is used to coat other metals (galvanizing) to protect them from rusting. It is also used in alloys such as brass, bronze, nickel. Also in solder, cosmetics and pigments. Zinc is found everywhere in daily life: in every cell of the human body, in the earth, in the food we eat and in products we use (sun block, automobiles, cosmetics, airplanes, appliances, surgical tools, zinc lozenges). For example, we use Zinc to galvanize our cars and airplanes to prevent rust. Zinc Oxide provides the best broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Using science in everyday life?

of course, the science and technology place a major role in day to day. As we are in the time counting world where we worry about the time it takes for a job to finish, the advent of science has lead us with various comforts in life essentialy to save the time. So, there is no doubt that we need inventions of science and technolgies to improve the life style and realize the dream world.

How do you use technology in your everyday life?

Technology is used to help you do work. You use an oven to bake. It is also used for entertainment. You use a television for news and cartoons.

How is the Mass useful in your everyday life?

The Mass is the re-presentation of Our Blessed Lord's (Jesus Christ) sacrifice of Himself on Calvary for our salvation. It is NOT done "again" - it is a miracle in which He allows you to be present at the once and only event two thousand years ago. All of the graces that the world needs to be holy and to attain heaven come from the Mass. Without Our Blessed Lord, the world would not exist. In short, the Mass contains everything that is needful for your life.

What is scandium used for in everyday life?

- Minor component in aluminium, chromium or magnesium alloys (hardening effect). - Anticathode for x-ray tubes. - Scandium compounds: catalysts, optical coatings, ceramics for electronics, lasers, special lamps, etc.

Uses of magnets in everyday life?

To seal your frig door; inside your toaster; in all the motors in your house.

How is chromatography used in everyday life?

some applications are; "Separations of inks, amino acids" from a mixture , blood and urineanlysis, from a mixture

When is Torsion used in everyday life?

When ever you cross a bridge torsional strain is at work, the engineers utilized it to determine the payload of each bridge and your car creates torsional strain on the bridges members.

What is math used in everyday life?

Everything in life is math. Money spending or saving is math, building is math! Etc! Our lives revolve around math

How is xenon used in everyday life?

It's most commonly used in photography in Xenon flash units as its a noble gas and doesn't react with other chemicals or get used up- when a high voltage is put through the gas it emits a bright white light- the charge is stored in a capacitor the quickly dumped through the tube containing the gas in a quick burst - most mobile phones now have this type of flash as well - previously it was done by a high band (high blue colour ,almost white) LED (light emitting diode) most red eye reducing cameras have both -LED for anti red eye then a Xenon flash for the picture! Of course its used in neon signs as well! - The effect is related to plasma discharge were the electrons in the voltage field are excited and release photons ( bit of light) which we see. If you have a look at the Periodic table ( the list off elemental chemical (it's in every chemistry book) it will be on the far right side with the other Nobel gases the list runs downwards and includes Argon etc.. all of these do the same thing and light up when a voltage is put through them- but they all give off a different colour- this is what gives you all the different colours in Neon signs!

When do we use wheels in everyday life?

We use wheels for: . Transportation: Cars, Trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, trains, etc. . Making heavy machinery mobile: Cranes, loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, etc. . Making weapons mobile: Tanks, canons, multi-tube rocket launchers, etc. . To help aircraft take to the sky and land again. . Fun: Roller coasters, dodgems, etc.

What are the uses of catalysts in everyday life?

They help chemical reactions take place where they would either not take place at all or would only take place at much higher energies.

What is the use of neutralization in everyday life?

Every day we neutralize things inside and outside of our bodies without even knowing. When we suffer acidity we take milk of magnesia. Even your body alone neutralizes, digestion is the best example of acid- base neutralization. However, even when an ant stings the skin and baking soda is applied on the skin for relief, neutralization takes place. Ant sting is acidic and baking soda is basic. Wasp stings on the other hand are basic and vinegar is used for relief on wasp sting, we are still neutralizing. In baking, Use of baking soda in cooking may be for the leavening effect (release of CO2) but it needs a neutralizing reaction to release the CO2. The list is endless.

How is infrared used in everyday life?

Much of the sun's heat is in infra red. The earth would be a frozen block if it were not for IR. More trivially, most tv remote controls work on infra red frequencies.

How are databases used in everyday life?

One example of everyday use of a database is the telephone directory. Another is your own personal address book. You might also refer to the contents page or index of a book, or use a dictionary to look up the meaning, pronunciation or origin of a word; these are everyday databases, as are encyclopedias. Schools keep a list - a database - of all students attending, and of students attending each individual class, as well as of all staff employed by the school; all employers keep databases of their employees.

How is symmetry used in everyday life?

Symmetry is often seen everyday by people of all ages in nature. Symmetry that we see everyday in nature is most often Bilateral Symmetry. This means that the two halves of an object are exactly mirror images of each other. Symmetry in humans the human face has a line of symmetry in some places, but some faces are more symmetrical than others. The more symmetrical your face the prettier your face will appear. A perfect example of this is supermodels and actresses. Another example of human symmetry is the kidneys, lungs, and the brain. If you draw a line or slice these organs in half, you will have a mirror image of the other. In flowers there are roughly identical petals, sepals, stamens, and leaves. While at the beach there are a wide variety of shells and underwater life with a line of symmetry, an example of this is a crab, a lobster, octopus, and starfish. Crystal G.

What is sieving used for in everyday life?

Getting weevils out of flour. Also helps aerate the flour. Removing contaminants from a process fluid.

How is gravity used in everyday life?

Some very common examples of gravity around us : . People walking. If there were no gravity, everyone would be flying. . Using the properties of gravitation, aircrafts are made to fly.

What compounds are used in everyday life?

there are many many compounds used in everyday. These are things like salt (NaCl) and water (H2O)and sugar (C6H12O6) .

How can length be used in everyday life?

Length is the same as distance. How far is it to the store? How far is it to Grandma's house? How tall are you? What size of shoe should you buy? How big of a bed do you want? If you are 6'2" tall, how long of a bed should you buy? What diameter of pizza should I buy? How long should I cut a board for the home repair? How long was the kickoff? How long was the fieldgoal? If my average step is about 3 feet, and it is 35 paces between telephone poles, then what is the spacing of the telephone poles?

How is rounding used in everyday life?

when someone asks you the time, you rarely respond with it is eleven twenty three and fourteen seconds, you typically say its eleven twenty five.

What is lead used for in everyday life?

You know the thing dentists drape around you at the dentist? GUESS WHAT? That is filled with lead. Back before people took care of the fact that lead was poisonous, pencils had lead! Now improved pencils have graphite. A2 . Lead is used in car batteries, solder, waterproof flashings for buildings, and is commonly used for stopping ionizing radiation. The only occasion a dentist drapes a lead-filled cloth round you, is when s/he is about to x-ray your teeth. It may well be that pencils NEVER contained lead. The Borrowdale graphite pit, the prime source of graphite for pencils, was originally thought to be lead and was called plumbago. The Romans certainly used thin lead as a writing material on to parchment, but our familiar wood stick with a graphite core was never made with lead. And odd fact #3, pencils are used as an ISO test for the hardness of paints and similar.

How is a GUI used in everyday life?

GUI is used in almost everything, so it's kinda hard to explain it... the task bar on Windows is an example of a GUI, the header of a Internet Browser is a GUI, etc. Every interacting form of a program or game is a GUI, its function is used for user interaction with the program, so it's used for almost anything Hope it helped.

What is thorium used for everyday life?

Thorium is not used for everyday life. Some thorium uses: - fertile material (as ThO 2 ) in nuclear power reactors; is a precursor of the fissile isotope 233 U. - thorium dioxide can be used as refractory material for crucibles, tubes, rods, etc. - thorium tetrafluoride (ThF 4 ) is used as anti-reflection coating in optics. - gas mantles (as ThO 2 ) - alloying metal for some aviation components (magnesium-thorium alloy, magnesium-zinc-thorium); also for welding alloys wolfram-thorium - additive (as ThO 2 ) in wolfram filaments - to stop crystalline growth of W and to increase time of use of light bulbs - catalyst in organic chemistry (as ThO 2 ) - additive for special glass (as ThO 2 ) - additive in filaments (as ThO 2 ) of magnetron tubes - reagent in chemistry laboratories (as thorium nitrate) - etc.

How is argon used in everyday life?

It is used as an inert gas - or shield gas - for certain types of welding. It is often found as a gas inside incandescent light bulbs - instead of the vacuum that used to be used. Gas lasers - like the Argon-Ion laser also use Argon - these lasers usually lase at several wavelengths, among them are the cyan one (around 488nm I think) and also a green one - though not as green as the 532nm you would get from a dpss laser (solid state pumped by 808nm IR diode, converted to 1064nm by a crystal and then finally a second crystal (KTP) doubles the frequency and halves the wavelength to 532nm sorry I went off tack a bit there - so in summary, three uses are:- Inert gas for welding Inert gas for filling incandescent bulbs instead of using a vaccum Argon-Ion lasers. There are many other uses too - eg: discharge tubes, certain types of flash arrerstors etc Regards Mark

What are the uses of statistics in your everyday life?

The very word "everyday" implies a concept of some constancy from one day to another. Without that each day would be a new day, with no link with other days. The fact that one can look at different days for different people and "average" them to arrive at some kind of everyday is one aspect of statistics.

How is beryllium used in everyday life?

well, beryllium is not used in everyday life much. but there are uses where you use it in daily life. you can use beryllium in x-rays. although x-rays are not everyday life things so beryllium is not used in everyday life very much. why? because this element is toxic. you would work with this if you make computers and work with gyroscopes because computers and gyroscopes have beryllium in them. if you work in a nuclear station you would work with it because it has a high melting point. so all I have to say is that beryllium doesn't have a everyday life unless you are a someone who works with beryllium! btw im 11 years old soo dont think this would be wrong.

How is pyrite used in everyday life?

Pyrite is used for carpeting houses, growing food, bone density, manufacturing sulfur, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, and inexpensive jewelry.

When do you use subtraction in everyday life?

Every time you hand over money to pay for something. You expect the change, so if you hand over a £10 note and bought something for £6 then you subtract 6 from 10 and expect to get £4 in change.

How does conduction used in everyday life?

Conduction is used on everyday life for example in the kitchen the stove uses conduction when it transfers the heat to the pot and then to whatever its in the pot. Other examples are like all over the place just open up your eyes and stop just looking but start observing x). -Shirley Ibarra

How does the price of petroleum affect your everyday life?

Honestly if you think about it petroleum affects every single aspect of your much you pay for groceries how much money you make at work...etc

What is lithium used for in everyday life?

It is used in batteries, and most things need batteries. Also it helps with bi polor disorder.

How is chocolate useful in everyday life?

chocolate is useful for anything and everything and we will name some of the things it is useful for! OK 1 hot chocolate 2 medicine 3 bars 4 pregnant women 5 to enjoy! 6 food 7 gifts 8 valitaines 9 cakes 10 icing 11 sprinkles 12 muffins 13 cupcakes 14 backing ect. 15 fountanis 16 food at partys 17 dessert 18 sell 19 dip 20 candy 21 jam 22 eat coca 23 cereals 24 games 25 specialer occasions

What is pemdas used for in everyday life?

Suppose you have a coupon for $5 off, followed by a 25% discount. You would use PEMDAS to evaluate .75(x - 5) (parentheses followed by multiplication). I am a tournament Scrabble player, so I would use PEMDAS while keeping score. Suppose I play QUIXOTE (as a bingo) on a triple word with Q being doubled. Then my score for the word would be 3(2(10) + 1 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 1 + 1) + 50 Use the order of operations here: = 3(33) + 50 = 149 points.

When do you use forces in everyday life?

In the basic high school physics class sense? It is hard to go five minutes without using physical forces. Step on a foot pedal to open a trash can? Use of physical force of the lever. Turn on the faucet? Same thing. Remove the cap from a bottle of water? The principal of the screw. And so on, and so on.

When do you use addition in everyday life?

The answer to this question is... We use addition in every day life for work and shops

How do you use boron in everyday life?

Boron is used in some cookware that makes it possible to go from the refridgerator to the oven without the pan cracking.

How is conglomerate used in everyday life?

The formation of a conglomerate, especially using divisions which tend to have a cyclical business model, is a method of diversification in order to achieve a more even predictable flow of overall income. They also allow certain efficiencies in areas such as human relations, purchasing, and distribution. Conglomerates are large companies that are made up of divisions (other companies) that maintain their identities and are mainly unrelated businesses. However, some conglomerates appear to have been formed in order to gain more control over certain markets. these are usually the ones with divisions that are more closely related. An example would be a media group. Such groups should probably not be called conglomerates at all. Perhaps cartel would be a more fitting term.

What are the uses of convection in everyday life?

Here is an interesting use: in our solar water heater, the hot water in the panels automatically goes up, because it is lighter. This makes it flow into the top part of the hot water tank, and the water in the panels is replaced by cold water from the bottom part of the tank. In summary, the hot water system wouldn't work without convection.

How is the metric used in everyday life?

Science, technology, trade, all around us is based on the metric system; only some rare traditionalists without studies use an another system.

How is gravity not used in everyday life?

Gravity is not used to stare at a beautiful woman, to smell a flower's perfume, to taste the rich bouquet of a slice of pickled herring, or to listen to the call of a chickadee. It's true that without gravity, those objects would no longer be present to enjoy, but the sensory experience occurs completely without the help of gravity.

How do you use religion in everyday life?

I love God everyday. I love people everyday. I try not to judge or condemn anyone, but instead to forgive them. I care for people and want the best for them, including that I hope they accept Jesus Christ into their hearts as savior and allow the good Holy Spirit to transform them in a good direction. I'm also grateful.

How can spreadsheet used in everyday life?

In scools they use speadsheets for regesters, who has brought inwhat, and who hasn't. They are also used for timetables andappointments. You can also use them for taking down levels andplaces in a contest.