How is something given to someone that is willed to another person when the testator is on their death bed?

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A person may give property away on their death bed. The will is not enforceable on that item because the decedent no longer owned that property at the time of their death.

A will distributes the property owned by the decedent at the time of their death. Testators often give away property during life even when they have mentioned the items in their will. They may have forgotten or they may have changed their mind. In any case, the death bed gift is valid. After the death occurs that property is not part of the testator's estate so it cannot be distributed under the will.
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What is the first thing an executor of a will should do upon death of testator?

Answer . Upon the death of the testator the person who was appointed executor in the will, if living and available, should secure the property and choose an attorney to carry out the probate of the estate. She must take the will to the attorney so a petition can be presented to have the will allow (MORE)

If your mom wills something to you can another family member keep it claiming it belongs to them?

\n. \nYes. A person can bequeath only those assets that he or she owns. If Mom didn't own the item, she can't leave it to anyone. It would be like me leaving you controlling interest in Microsoft. (I'm not Bill Gates.)\n. \n Another Perspective \n. \nSometimes an older person may forget they ha (MORE)

What is a testate?

1. Having left a legally valid will at death 2. A person who dies and leaves a legally valid will [Latin testari to make a will]

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The testator gave property away as gift prior to their death. Can others mentioned in the will sue this person?

No. First, a will doesn't become effective until after the death of the testator. Second, only the property owned by the testator at the time of death becomes part of the estate. If they gave away their property during life, that property is gone and whoever received the gift during the life of the (MORE)

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Are Wills filed in court before the testators death in Massachusetts?

Generally, no. However, a testator may file their will in probate for a nominal fee where it will be safeguarded in the files until it needs to be probated. If a testator decides to take advantage of that service they should make it known to other family members that their will has been filed for (MORE)

Can the testator and executor be the same person?

No. The testator is the person who makes a Will. The executo r is the person named in a Will as the person whowill settle the estate according to the provisions in the Will after the death of the testator . The executor must submitthe Will for probate and petition for appointment by the court.

Is testate another meaning for a will?

Testate is not another word for "will". What it does mean is, if a person dies "testate", they had a will at the time of their death. If they die "intestate", it means they died without having a will at the time of their death.

What happens where a testator owns a property jointly with someone else?

Property held in a joint tenancy does not become part of a probate estate. When the first joint owner dies their interest in the property is terminated and the surviving owner becomes the sole owner. Property held in a joint tenancy does not become part of a probate estate. When the first joint own (MORE)

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