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How is speed and velocity different?

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Velocity has a direction.
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What is the difference between velocity and speed?

Speed is how fast the movement is. It contains only a magnitude. Velocity is speed plus a direction, and is known as a vector. . Speed: 40mph . Velcoity:40mph/east

How are speed velocity and acceleration different?

Velocity is a vector, meaning that it has a direction. When it is being expressed, the direction is given with it (e.g. 5m/s NW). Speed is a scalar, not a vector, so it does

How is speed different from velocity?

Velocity has a direction component. Speed: 3 ft/s Velocity: 3 ft/s NNW Speed does not have the direction associated with it, like velocity does.

The difference between speed and velocity?

Speed is a scalar quantity and thus a general term; if a car is traveling at 60 mph that is its speed; Velocity is a vector quantity that has speed and direction associated

How are velocity and speed different?

    Speed is the distance travelled in a given period of time and is measured in metres per second or miles per hour (ie 'distance' per 'unit of time'). It is always a
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How do speed and velocity differ?

When a direction is specified, it is called velocity. When the direction is not specified, it is called a speed. (That's the difference between a vector and a scalar.)