How is study in Austria?

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Peachy keen.

Hello my name is markus and i am from asutria. Studying in austria is really great. loats of fun and cool people. I don´t know in what degree you are interested of. I can recommend you - their are information to all degrees in austria available - provided you can speak a little german:)
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Where can you study?

you can study in the library or someplace quiet, where someone won't disturb you or something.

Are you studying?

I am always studying. I study the world around me and learn new things every single day. Right now, I am studying internet radio and deciding what new groups to include - this

What is study?

Study is a detailed investigation of something

Is there poker in Austria?

Well, yes. There are the Casinos Austria casino halls all over the country where people can play poker, too. Certainly, there are private poker sessions taking place in additi

Which place would you recommend to study German Vienna Austria or Berlin Germany?

Berlin. In Berlin High German is spoken. Of course they speak High German in Vienna however, the accent is quite different in Austria. I grew up in Austria and moved to German
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What can studying do?

studying can help you do well on a quiz or a test... if you don't study, you might not do so well on your test or quiz

Is austria Hungary the same as austria?

First it was Hungary under Habsburg rule from the 16th century. Later, there was a Hungarian Revolution in March, 1848, and a War of Independence against the Habsburg rule in
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Why is austria named austria?

Firstly in German the country is called "Österreich". At first the country was denoted as "Marchia Orientalis", wich means something like "eastern border". The first German
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How do you study to get a A?

What works for me personally is to just keep practicing a range ofdifferent questions. Also, if you get solutions to problems - don'tlearn the solutions which many people do b

Why do you to study?

A person studies because: . they want to know something; . they need to know something; . they will be able to find a place in society; . they will be qualified to fin