How is the PlayStation 4 different than the PlayStation 3?

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The main difference is that you can actually get a PS3 and the PS4 is merely a name used for the next Playstation Console and does not really exist. You can not buy a PS4 or even read more than rumors about it. Sony Playstation will announce the next Playstation console at an E3 a number of months before the product will even be available for preorder. The new Wii console was announced last year and yet you still don't know when it will be available to preorder.
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Is the PlayStation 3 better than the PlayStation 2?

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Will the PlayStation 4 be the same as the PlayStation 3?

It is unlikely a new model will be released until software updates can no longer provide new and better capabilities to the PS3. Both the Ninr=tendo Wii and the Xbox 360 are l

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What is the difference with PS3 and PlayStation 3?

Play station 3 should be missing the space in the name that PS3 would be short for PlayStation 3 or the PS3 game console. Both are used for the game console designed by Sony a

Can you play PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation 4?

No when they release a PS4 it will not play PS3 games. Console manufactures can not make a device that can run both consoles software without having problems. That resuults in

What difference between the PlayStation 3 and 4?

PlayStation 4 is the newest console and it is not yet released. The full promotional material has not been released and answers to this question can only be partially answered