How is the salinity of ocean water different from dead sea water?

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The salinity in isolated seas and salt-water lakes (for example, the Dead Sea) can be considerably greater. SO there's a high salinity in the Dead Sea. :D
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The average salinity of ocean water is what?

Salinity of the ocean water is defined as the dissolved saltcontent in a body of water. The salinity of the ocean is 3.5%, thesalinity increases as you approach the equator an

How does salinity affect ocean water?

Salinity also has an affect on ocean currents. Near Iceland, if the ocean is not salty enough, the water can't get dense enough to sink. As global warming melts ice in places

Where is the salinity of ocean water lowest?

Arctic Ocean Because... The Arctic Ocean is so cold. so let's say that we have a kilogram container were going to fill it in with salt water let's say we put one kilogra
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What causes the difference in salinity of water in the ocean?

salinity of ocean water depends upon many causes,but the main cause is continuous movement of ocean water from one place to other due to rotation of earth nd winds which takes
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What does the salinity of the ocean water depend on?

the pH levels and acidosis which are determined by how often specific people such as justin beiber ejaculate into the ocean. due to his age and pre-puberty signs, it is eviden