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you use a telephone punching in the numbers and press the green button with the phone on it and talk to whoever you are talking to.
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Why do you use telephone?

It's a convenient way to talk to people without having to see them personally.

Why is telephone useful?

The telephone is useful because it saves you going to that Pearson The telephone was invented so you can talk to someone on the side of the world for as like as like!!   

How are telephones useful?

With the development of the virtual PBX system, we are able to have a more unified and sophisticated communication. This system is the result of the integration of the interne

How does a telephone help us today?

We can call the fire dept. when there's a fire, we can talk to people far away, we can be easily contacted if there's a conflict with sports or other things, contact people fo

What is the use of telephones?

Communication is main part of life for any human. However, when the the two communicators are apart as in further than a walking distance a way of communication is needed. Pho

Uses of telephone?

use in communicating it depends if it is a cell or home phone...  cell donate it to a charity to help the less fortunate have the  access to call 911 in emergencies you call

What are the uses of the telephone?

The telephone helps us communicate in far distances. With the  advance functions of the modern phone system, such as the VoIP, we  can cost effectively contact people even i

What is the use of the telephone?

Telephone is a device used to contact people in far distances. With the functions and features of modern phone system such as IP PBX , we are able to enjoy VoIP service, call

How do you use telephone in a sentence as a noun?

As the subject: The telephone is ringing. As the object: Please answer the telephone. As object of a preposition: What is the color of your new telephone?

How was the telephone used?

The first telephone was made with the knowledge that sound gave off waves due to vibrations, like the ripples in water. These sound waves were copied over onto carbon grains,

What are the uses of telephone?

Basically telephone is use to get connected to people or a group in long distances. Also we enjoy the features offered by the telephone such as internet fax, desktop call cont

Why magnets are used in telephones?

Because without them the phone would be useless for voice communication ! The magnet in the microphone converts your voice into electrical signals, and the one in the earpiece