How is xenon used in everyday life?

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It's most commonly used in photography in Xenon flash units as its a noble gas and doesn't react with other chemicals or get used up- when a high voltage is put through the gas it emits a bright white light- the charge is stored in a capacitor the quickly dumped through the tube containing the gas in a quick burst - most mobile phones now have this type of flash as well - previously it was done by a high band (high blue colour ,almost white) LED (light emitting diode) most red eye reducing cameras have both -LED for anti red eye then a Xenon flash for the picture! Of course its used in neon signs as well! - The effect is related to plasma discharge were the electrons in the voltage field are excited and release photons ( bit of light) which we see. If you have a look at the Periodic table ( the list off elemental chemical (it's in every chemistry book) it will be on the far right side with the other Nobel gases the list runs downwards and includes Argon etc.. all of these do the same thing and light up when a voltage is put through them- but they all give off a different colour- this is what gives you all the different colours in Neon signs!
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How do we use Xenon in everyday life?

It is used in UV lamps, paint testes, projection lamps, electronic flashes, xenon arc lamps etc. It is also used in photography and as a general anaesthetic.