How jealous or trusting should you be if you suspect your spouse is cheating?

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Its really hard to tell because you need solid evidence. Usually if it feels that way deep down in your gut, That's what it is. But you shouldn't act on in until you know for sure.

Jealousy can't be the factor her. If you think your husband or wife is been cheating on you, it will be pain, not jealousy. If you feel jealous, it will push your spouse more. What you need to do is ask your spouse. The two of you need to really talk, or else both of you will grow separately, and that is bad. never never ever burst out with a interogation, that only leaves him time to start to clean it up, wait it out and start taking some inventory of his signs and stay on top of it if and when you actually have enough facts then when you know for sure give it all to him and see his answer and even if he denies it which will probably will happen watch the body language you know your man when hes lying that more than anything tells it all, he wont be able to clean it up you'll hopefully have enough facts to present your case and he'll be in the hot seat and there you have it. plus womens intuition usally is never wrong, however keep in mind that if you have to go thru all of this and it starts to become an everyday thing and your obsessed with this situation he probably is and ask yourself, am i worth more than this?
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