How long after recovery from an illness must you wait to get an individual insurance policy and have been covered by a group policy?

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It depends what the problem was. Answer Not only is the nature of the problem an issue, so is your choice of insurance company. Guidelines around these types of issues are generally not statutory but rather company policy. First, find yourself a local independent agent that specializes in healthcare. Explain the situation and have him/her research the underwriting guidelines from the available carriers for the most favorable rules as it relates to your issues. Second, make sure that your doctor has properly indicated in your medical records that you are symptom and treatment free. If relevant also have the doctor include in your records what the prognosis is for the future. I have had scores of clients tell me that their doctor told them $You have no greater likelihood of recurrence than that of the general population$. This is both good for you and provides the insurance underwriter a clear metric to judge risk. Unfortunately, I can count on one hand the number of times that information ever got into the medical records. In absence of a clear understanding, most underwriters will assume the worst.
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Will the parents' liability insurance cover a minor child who has not been added to the policy.?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nLiability insurance usually follows the vehicle not the driver. (unless the driver was specificly excluded in this case it cant happen because he's your son). As long as the car was insured and he was given premission to drive it, the insurance will be valid in court\n. \ (MORE)

How can misrepresentation or concealment prevent recovery under an insurance policy?

Answer . Misrepresentaion of a risk or concealment of a risk factor is legally considered fraud by the applicant.. Misreprentation or concealment is an intentional attempt to obtain coverage or enduce an insurer to accept a risk that it may not have accepted or would otherwise have been rated d (MORE)

Who Regulates individual health insurance policies?

when we apply for a health insurance policy then they divide according to state your in and then each state have an separate insurance commission under them they will be employees. Those employees can regulate the health insurance policy. For more details click here . (MORE)

Which is the group or policy number on the insurance card?

It will usually be pretty clear. The policy number should be called policy number, ID number, patient number, health ID number, or something very similar. The group number usually says that, but more and more, there seems to not be a group number listed on cards.

Which of these terms is the amount of money you must pay each year to cover your medical care expenses before your insurance policy starts paying?

Deductible- A+ The deductible is the terminology. Note that depending upon the terms of the policy, there may be both an individual deductible (that is, per person), and a family deductible. Once the deductible has been met, the insurer's responsibility for payment is triggered. However, that (MORE)

Does primary insurance cover a crime policy?

The question is unclear as posed. A "crime policy" is one that is intended to cover an organization for a stated range of risks and losses. The term "primary policy" is generally used to descrive a basic, underlying layer of coverage of some type. Therefore, there can exist a "primary" layer of c (MORE)

Does car insurance cover the driver if he is not on the policy?

It may and it may not. It depends on the definitions of an "insured" driver under the terms of your insurance policy and the type of insurance policy you bought. Most standard policies will extend coverage to certain drivers you have given permissive use while others such as low cost "Named Drive (MORE)

What does a commercial insurance policy cover?

A commercial insurance policy covers any court and/or attorney costs, loss of income and other such expenses if a lawsuit is involved. It does not cover incidences where willful neglect is involved.

Will your insurance cover your car if your son is not on your policy?

More than likely they will not pay the claim as you violated the terms of the policy by not making them aware of all drivers and household residents. This is called material misrepresentation of the contract. If you don't pay the premium for your son to be on the policy why should the insurance comp (MORE)

What is covered by a trade credit insurance policy?

Trade Credit Insurance is a type of insurance which is offered to businesses. The insurance policy covers accounts receivable, guards against bankruptcy, and protects the business against credit risks.

What does a Critical Illness Policy generally cover?

The Critical Illness Policy is an insurance product, where the insurer is contracted to typically make a lump sum cash payment if the policyholder is diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses listed in the insurance policy.

What is covered under a Critical Illness policy from MetLife?

There are three categories covered under a MetLife Critical policy. Category one covers certain cancer related conditions. Under this category there is a full benefit, which is paid if the cancer is invasive and has spread to others parts of the body. The second, which is a partial benefit coverage, (MORE)

Are there anything like group or family life insurance policies for individuals not businesses?

There are all different types of life insurance policies. You caninsure a husband, wife, and children all on one policy rather thanpurchasing separate policies for each person. There may also be policies available through what are oftenreferred to as "affinity groups". These are organizations, some (MORE)

What does a course of construction insurance policy cover?

A course of construction policy is insurance purchased by a builder to cover materials, fixtures, equipment, and the building itself. As the name implies, it is only good during the course of construction, or as long as the work is going on.

What is the difference between health insurance policy and Critical illness policy?

A Health Insurance policy is a reimbursement of the medicalexpenses. Well Critical illness insurance is a benefit policy.Under a benefit policy upon the occurrence of an event, theinsurance company pays the policyholder a lump sum amount. Under aCritical Illness policy, if the insured is diagnosed w (MORE)