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How long after recovery from an illness must you wait to get an individual insurance policy and have been covered by a group policy?

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It depends what the problem was. Answer Not only is the nature of the problem an issue, so is your choice of insurance company. Guidelines around these types of issues are generally not statutory but rather company policy. First, find yourself a local independent agent that specializes in healthcare. Explain the situation and have him/her research the underwriting guidelines from the available carriers for the most favorable rules as it relates to your issues. Second, make sure that your doctor has properly indicated in your medical records that you are symptom and treatment free. If relevant also have the doctor include in your records what the prognosis is for the future. I have had scores of clients tell me that their doctor told them $You have no greater likelihood of recurrence than that of the general population$. This is both good for you and provides the insurance underwriter a clear metric to judge risk. Unfortunately, I can count on one hand the number of times that information ever got into the medical records. In absence of a clear understanding, most underwriters will assume the worst.
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