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How long after your water breaks will labor be over?

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It varies from person to person. My wife had all 5 of our children within 20 minutes of her water breaking Answer If your water breaks, ten you will have 2 days ti have your baby at the most because there are risks of infection after your water breaks!
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How long after your water breaks does labor start?

Your water can break at any time, it does not mean your labour  has started.  If your water goes very early, before the baby is able to  survive outside the uterus you will

How long after you break your water will you go into labor?

    Answer     Sometimes the water breaks prematurely and you don't go into labor.     This can be very dangerous as there is now a path for infectio

Does labor begin before or after your water breaks?

  Answer   First you lose the mucus plug, which could be 48 hours or so before the baby comes. Next your water breaks, then labor begins. However, it is hard to say

How do you naturally break your water to go into labor?

  I would not suggest trying to break your own waters. It can cause damage to you and anything introduced into the vagina, to help break the waters, could bring with it in

How do you know if your waters break during labor?

Usually it occurs all of a sudden and you may feel as if you have suddenly wet yourself. Sometimes, only some of the waters will leak, and you will find yourself losing smalle

How do you break your water at home to induce labor?

You should never attempt to break your own water. If your water doesn't break on it's own during strong contractions, your doctor or nurse is the only one who would determine
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Does a dogs water break before labor?

no The amniotic sac in humans, which typically holds one baby, breaks during labor spewing the fluid out of the women. In dogs, there typically are several sacs; typically,