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Most horses live to around 25-30, with smaller horses tending to live longer than bigger horses. The oldest horse was Old Billy, who lived to be 62.
If well taking care of I have seen horses live for as long as 30 years.

 Most horses can live up to 35 years old but certain breeds can live up to 40 years old e.g lippizzanas. by mirren
It depends on how you take care of it.

-Food and Water
-Grooming, Hoof Picking
-Vet Check-ups
-It's Regular shots
-Taking care of any problems it has
-Putting anything on it wounds to heal

But most of that is HEALTH + CARE.
Well-cared-for animals can live to be as old as 30, but late teens and early twenties is more common.
With advances in vet medicine and more informed owners, horses are living longer than ever before. It is not uncommon for a horse to live well in to his 30s and beyond.

horses live about 30 years

The max age for a horse is 65 years old.
Depends on the care you give them, the supplements you give them, the riding time.

The oldest horse I have met near where I live was thirty when he passed. But like the previous person said it depends on nutrition and care.

Most horses live to be 25 - 30 years old, although one horse, Old Billy, lived to be 62 years old!
Horses can live for up to 25 to 30 years. But it all depends of the care of the horse. The average is lower, somewhat less than 20 years, and the documented record is 62 years.
Horses usally live till 25-35 years old but in some cases it is different :)

Typically they live until about their thirties, but their are many different factors that affect that such as their breed, how much work they do, how they are treated, etc. Most arabians live until about their forties. The oldest horse ever was 62.
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How long can a horse live?

the average horse can live from 25-30 years long. if healthy, than can definitely live longer, the oldest horse was over 60. however, under circumstances, they can also live for a much shorter time period.

How long does a horse fly live?

The adult horse fly's life span is around 30 to 60 days, however, the total life cycle may take a lot longer. Most species of horse fly spent the entire winter in a larval state and pupate during spring and early summer. They then lay eggs from late summer to early autumn and the process starts agai (MORE)

How long do Arabian horses live?

Arabian horses live just like other horses live depends on how good u take care of it but most of the time 20-28 but i have a friends horse that's is 40 years old and she still rides hime!

How long does a horse usually live?

Because of advances in the science world and electronics, a Horses life has really been extended. Horses can live a lot longer than in the early 1900s. Horses can now live up to 40 years, and maybe longer.

How long do horses usually live for?

Most horses live to be 25-30, however, as a general rule, ponies and smaller horses will live longer. The record age for a horse was Old Billy, who lived to be 62.

How long can a horse live for?

25 to 30 years old usually but it depends how much they get taken care of and how good they are lookked after...if you look after them very well some horses live up to 40 years sometimes!!

How long a horse live?

All of us know of the 40-year-old horse or pony, and with genetic luck and very good care, your horse may also live into his forties. Whether or not your horse will live this long depends on genetics, good home and veterinary care, and a dollop of luck. We generally find that horses begin to show si (MORE)

How long do horses live on Howrse?

On Howrse.com they can last forever with the Philosopher's Stone from the Black Market. But it is considered elderly at age 25, and its health and energy will go down 2% each day after age 25. But if you Howrse dies over the age of 30 , Howrse will give you a free pass to "Help you with the Gam (MORE)

How long do paint horses live?

A paint horse is a breed of horse, not a different species, so they live 25 to 50 years. Some people say that pinto and paint horses are the same but they are not. A paint horse is a breed of horse, but pinto is a type of coloring, meaning that any breed of horse can be a called pinto horse, as it i (MORE)

How long do miniature horses live?

18 to 25 years is an average life span for a mini horse. Mini horses can easily live to see 30 with proper care, and usually outlive their larger cousins. .

How long can a horse live approxomately?

a horse can live up to 20-25 years old but once a horse reaches the mark of 23 it's muscles start to die. this means that your horse will rather stay in a field than in a stable.

How long can an appaloosa horse live to be?

I'm not sure the estimated life span of horses varies from breed to breed as it does for dogs. All I know is the average life span for horses is fifteen years old, though quite a few live into their thirties.

How long do horses live if they have colic?

This will depend upon the type of colic the horse has. Instragulation colic cases where the intestines have perforated, thehorse generally has only a few hours of life left - the intestinalcontents cause acute septic shock that is rapidly fatal. However,in a mild case of impaction colic, once the im (MORE)

How long does a pinto horse live?

The average life span of a Pinto horse is 20 to 25 years. A Pintohorse is a horse that has large patches of white and any othercolors mixed on it.

How long could a horse live for?

well it really depends on how healthy it is if its a healthy well treated horse it can live for 30 years no horses can live for up to 30-40 years

How long can a shire horse live?

The same as most breeds on horses. Horses live on average between 25 and 30 years of age but the oldest horse in the world was over 60!

How long will horses live for?

A horse in captivity will live for 20-30 years, as long as you keep a horse well fed and clean then you will have a long living, healthy horse. The oldest horse ever recorded was a horse named Old Billy who I believed live to 56 years old, 2x the average life span of a horse in captivity. A horse i (MORE)

How long do morgan horses live?

Horses can live up to thirty years or longer if they are well caredfor. Ponies generally live longer than larger horses, just assmaller dogs generally live longer than larger dogs. Morgans are ahearty breed of horse, so if well cared for, should easily liveinto their twenties or early thirties.

How long have horses they living on earth?

It depends; if you are christian, most Christians believe God spoke, and horses and all other animals appeared on earth in that first week. However, if you are not, scientists believe in the big bang theory where an explosion turned into the universe and then there were tiny organisms that evolved (MORE)

How long do a horse usually live?

About 20 - 30 years depending on what kind of care it's under, it's breed, etc. The longest living horse was 62 when it finally died, but this is an insanely rare age for a horse to live to. Hope for a good 22 years or so.

Why do horses live long?

depends. some can reach 25 years old, some even in the 30s. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The question is WHY do horses live long. not HOW LONG DO HORSES LIVE. So the answer to the question is............. why (MORE)

How long do t horses live to?

They live approximatly 25-30 years but they can live longer if they are healthy and well looked after. Hope this answered ur question! XD

How long does a haflinger horse live?

Haflingers have the life expectancy twice that of any averaged horse or pony so a 40 year old Haflinger is not uncommon provided you take good care of it

How long does icelandic horses live?

The breed matures late. The horses are not usually ridden until they are four years old, and structural development is not complete until age seven. Their most productive years are between eight and eighteen, although they retain their strength and stamina into their twenties. An Icelandic mare that (MORE)

How long can a race horse live?

Given the correct care, a race horse could live to the normal age of 25-30. However, most race horses are ridden long before they are fully developed, and this definitly takes a toll on the horse as well as several other things that race horses go through that most horses don't.

How long do lipizzaner horses live?

The average age for a Lipizzaner is 31 years old and the stallions at the Spanish Riding School usually perform up to the age of 24 before they are retired.

How long can a palomino horse live?

Palomino is a coat color. It has no bearing on the health or longevity of a horse's life. But most horses today can be expected to live into their 30s.

How long does a shire horse live for?

it depends on how well they are looked after and what there job is. if a shire was used for pulling a cart and another was used as a riding pony which doesn't get used as much it would be more likely that the riding horse would live longer than the carriage horse unless it is mistreated or abused