How long can you collect state disability?

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Each statutory state has a different maximum benefit period. CA = 52 weeks NY = 26 Weeks NJ = 26 Weeks HI = 26 Weeks RI = The duration of your claim is equal to 36% of your total base period wages divided by your weekly benefit rate (not including dependent's allowance). The most you are allowed to collect is an amount equal to 30 full weeks. You may claim these weeks any time you are medically certified as unable to work during your benefit year.
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How long do you have to be out of work to collect long term disability insurance?

Long term disability benefits may be a benefit of employment, or provided under an individual policy purchased by the insured. In either event, the terms of the benefit will b

Can you collect state disability from Missouri while on maternity leave?

From: Missouri Social Security Disability or SSI Disability is controlled by the federal government like all other states.

How long can you collect disability?

People can collect disability for as long as they are considereddisabled. If someone is receiving and afraid of losing benefitsthey should speak with their local SSI about it.

How do you Collect Missouri state disability?

Collection of disability from Missouri state is done at the SocialSecurity Administration office. Visit its Missouri office, fill upapplication form, and present all requireme

Can you collect state disability from California when you live in another state?

Yes, a person can collect California State disability payments ifhe or she is living in another state. A person's eligibility forCalifornia State disability benefits is determ