How long did Queen Elizabeth I rule Ireland?

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Elizabeth began her reign in 1558 ruling about 50% of Ireland. By the time of her death in 1603 the English conquest of the whole island had been completed. Her rule of the entire island was relatively brief but she ruled most of it for all of her reign
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Who ruled before Queen Elizabeth I?

Her elder half-sister Mary (known as Bloody Mary). She was Catholic and despised her sister Elizabeth. Mary married Phillip of Spain, a marriage that did not last long. She was a rather vile woman and had a terrible upbringing for the King Henry VIII.

What country did Queen Elizabeth I rule?

Elizabeth's Country . Queen Elizabeth I was the ruler of England from 1558 to 1603. Her reign is considered one of England's most notable periods, dubbed the Elizabethan or Golden Age. Because she never married or had children, she was succeeded by James VI of Scotland, son of Mary Queen of Scots (MORE)

How long did Queen Elizabeth I live?

The baby who wold become Queen Elizabeth I was born on 7th September 1533. She died on 24th March 1603. She lived a total of 25,400 days - just over 69 and a half years..

How long did Queen Elizabeth rule?

Queen Elizabeth the first ruled for 44 years and 127 days, from the 17th of November 1558 till the 24th of March 1603. 45 years (1558-1603).

What countries did Queen Elizabeth I rule in her time?

Just England and Wales, and the Channel Islands. Scotland at thetime was still an independent kingdom. England then had nocolonies, only a small piece of France, namely Calais and itsimmediate surroundings; a remnant of the posessions in France ofthe first Norman kings of England.

Who did Queen Elizabeth I rule?

Queen Elizabeth I . Queen Elizabeth I was Queen of England, and held the then, separate title of Queen of Ireland, from 17th November 1558 until her death on 24th March 1603.

Where did Queen Elizabeth I rule?

Queen Elizabeth ruled England and Wales for 45 years. She ruled from 1558 - 1603. When her time finished King James took over. He ruled from 1603 - 1625. Please do not say that Queen Elizabeth ruled the "United Kingdom" because that did not exist for a hundred years after her death. She was never th (MORE)

Does Queen Elizabeth the second rule Scotland?

No. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of the United Kingdoms and Northern Ireland, which includes Scotland. She reigns there as Queen, but she does not rule. That is she is the head of state but she cannot command the government.

What did Queen Elizabeth I do when she ruled England?

Queen Elizabeth was Queen of England and Ireland from the 17th of November, 1558 until her death on the 24th of March, 1603. She was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. She was also known as The Virgin Queen or Good Queen Bess. She was the daughter of Henry VII and Anne Boleyn. Queen El (MORE)

How long did Queen Victoria rule Ireland?

Queen Victoria . The political structure of The British Isles has changed several times, and this can be confusing - even for British people.. Queen Victoria's grandfather, King George III, began his reign on 25th October 1760 as King of Great Britain, and also held the, then separate, title "King (MORE)

How did Queen Elizabeth I rule England?

Elizabeth I of Britain is one of the countryâ??s most dominantmonarchs, ruling for 45 years and ushering Britain into a period ofmilitary and cultural dominance. She established the Church ofEngland and ruled as a moderate, more religiously tolerant than anyof her siblings.

How long did Queen Nefertari rule?

She didn't. She was only a queen in the sense that she was married to pharaoh Rameses II, but he also had other queens (perhaps 8 or more, who also didn't rule) - she was simply his favourite wife.

How long has the Queen of England ruled?

There has not been a Queen - or King - of England for over 300 years. England is a part of, but not the same as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II became Queen on 6th February 1952.

Why did Queen Elizabeth rule?

queen elizabeth was queen of england and held the separate title queen of ireland from november 17 "1558 until her death on the 24 of march 1603

How long did Queen Elizabeth I reign?

Queen Elizabeth I of England was born on 7th September 1533, and was the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. She came to the throne on the death of her half-sister Mary I on 17 November 1558. Elizabeth I died on 24 March 1603 having reigned for 44 years and 127 days.

Does Queen Elizabeth rule Canada?

Her Majesty the Queen of Canada is the Canadian head of State. It is said that " the Queen reigns, but does not rule. " The Queen, as head of State, exercises most executive functions of government only on the advice of the Canadian prime minister and ministers. Therefore, though the Queen is head (MORE)

Was Queen Elizabeth the first queen to rule Canada?

Not really, Canada has had British and French Monarchs before, and eventually after independence, Canadian Monarchs.\n. \nQueen Elizabeth II is Canada's Head of State and Queen of Canada. But rarely exercises her vast powers and keeps them for emergencies only.\n. \nThe democratically elected Hous (MORE)

How long was Queen Elizabeth I in prison?

Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower of London on 18 March 1554. Then on 22 May she was moved to Woodstock to spend almost a year under house arrest. She returned to court on 17 April 1555.

Who ruled after Queen Elizabeth II?

HM Queen Elizabeth II is still on the throne. She succeeded her father, George VI, in 1952 and still reigns at the age of 83. If however, you meant Elizabeth I. She died in 1603 and was succeeded by a cousin, James VI of Scotland, who became James I of England.

How long is the Queen Elizabeth II?

The ship should properly be referred to as Queen Elizabeth 2 as she is named after the first ship, not the reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) is 963 feet long.

Who ruled after her after Queen Elizabeth I?

Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) died on 24 March1603 after nearly 45 years on the throne, without issue and a cousin, James VI of Scotland (later James I), succeeded to the throne. James I (1566 - 1625) was the great, great grandson of King Henry VII (1457 - 1509), the first Tudor monarch and father of (MORE)

How long did Queen Anne rule?

Anne Boleyn never "ruled", her husband King Henry VIII did, but she was his queen consort for three years and 3 months from her coronation as queen consort in May 1533 till her beheading in May 1536. .

Is Queen Elizabeth the Second ruling England?

No. She carries on the tradition of royalty, a tradition which dates back more than a thousand years on the British Isles. Nowadays, it is the Prime Minister and Parliament who rule England, Great Britain (the U.K.).

Queen Elizabeth ruled what country?

Queen Elizabeth the First ruled England and Wales. Queen Elizabeth the Second rules the United Kingdom, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Who ruled after Queen Elizabeth the first died?

King James. We have a river named for him right here in Virginia. We did have a town, Jamestown the first capitol of Virginia. There is even a version of the Bible that is named for King James. King James IV and I.

Does Queen Elizabeth only rule England?

Queen Elizabeth II does not rule anyone. She is the reigning monarch of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (she is not The Queen of England) and 15 other realms. She is also the head of the Commonwealth of Nations which includes the 16 realms over which she reigns and 38 o (MORE)

Does Queen Elizabeth rule over Ireland and Scotland?

She rules over Scotland, but not Ireland. Ireland is an independentcountry. Also, it is a republic, so it has a president, not a kingor queen. She rules over Scotland, but not Ireland. Ireland is an independentcountry. Also, it is a republic, so it has a president, not a kingor queen. She rules ov (MORE)

How long has Queen Elizabeth been ruleing for?

From the 6th of Febuary 2013 HM Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen for 61 years. On the 4th September 2015 the Queen will surpass Queen Victoria as the longest reigning british Monarch.

Is Queen Elizabeth queen of Ireland and England?

No. She is the queen of the United Kingdom, which includes England,but does not include Ireland. Ireland is an independent country. Itis a republic, so it has a president. Northern Ireland is part ofthe United Kingdom, so she is the queen of there.

How long has Queen Elizabeth ruled England?

Queen Elizabeth, who is also known as Elizaeth I, has ruled over the United Kingdom (UK) not just England for more than 73 years. She was established in 1485 and ascended to the throne in 1558 to Henry VII.

How did Queen Elizabeth 1 rule England?

Queen Elizabeth accomplished many things during her reign. increased trade, defeated England, gave her famous speech before the Spanish Armada and many things more

Is Ireland ruled by Queen Elizabeth?

Yes - Although Eire (Southern Ireland) is separate from the UnitedKingdom, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is still their Head ofState. This is because Eire is still part of the British Isles.