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How long do you have to charge a battery for an AK-47 BB gun?

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It depends on the battery make and type. Try googleing the battery manufactorer and looking at their products. When you find it look through its details
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How long can you get for a gun charge with out a gun?

  That's a vague question, and it doesn't seem logical. If you don't have a gun, how could you be arrested for a gun violation? But also, there's no way to know how long o

How long to charge an M4 Carbine airsoft gun battery?

If you speed charge it takes 1-2 hours but long charge is 4-6 hours an easy way to tell is if there is a change of temperature in the battery if it gets warm then stop chargin

How long to charge an m4 airsoft gun battery?

  it depends on the battery and charger. the charger should be able to set the voltage and then the number of mili-amps per hour. it also depends if you are using a LiPoly

Where is the battery located for an AK-47 air soft gun?

There are two places where airsoft gun AK-47 model stores its battery/ies. If they have fix stock, battery/ies can be stored within the stock. If they have folding stock or sl

Are ak-47 bb guns illegal in va?

The AK-47 is not a BB gun. As for BB guns styled to resemble an AK-47, they're as legal as any other BB gun. These so-called "assault weapons bans" (which Virginia does not ha