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How long do you have to pay back payments for child support after child support ends?

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Until they and the interest penalties are paid.
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How long do you have to pay child support?

At least until the child is eighteen and out of high school. Then it depends on your separation agreement and your state laws. Some jurisdictions require reasonable help throu

How do you end child support payments when child turns 18?

You HAVE to go through the court system. Go online to the court house where your support papers were drawn up (This is were you have to file paperwork). You need to file for a

How can you get your back payment in child support?

Retroactive support (support for a period prior to the entry of an order for support) is generally awarded or denied when the original support order is entered. If you mean un

How do you pay back child support?

You make arrangements with child support enforcement and request that interest penalties be set aside. While making payments, twice a year request a printout to make sure they

Can back disability payment be garnished for back child support?

yes Garnishment of Disability Benefits for Child Support and/or Alimony The Law Offices of LaVan & Neidenberg receive many inquiries about the court's ability to garnish a v

How long do you pay for child support?

That's governed by the language of the order for support and the laws of the State with jurisdiction. However, in general child support is owed until the child: dies; is no lo

When does back child support end?

Back Child support does NOT end. I just reopened a case for a child that is 21 and has been in the military for 3 years. The father (or mother) has to pay any BACK PAY if the