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How long do you have to wait for latex primer to dry?

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Latex Primer dries fairly quickly. It will depend on the humidity levels in the home and the surface its applied to. On new drywall which the surface is more porous and will absorb more primer vs previously painted. Usually you can apply a top coat in 2 - 4 hours. Rick The Renovator
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Gesso primer how long to dry?

You must consider 3 things, ( temperature--Humidity--and Air flow), For drying Gesso fast; Temp. above 70 degrees, Humidity below 70%, direct air flow toward canvas. you can e

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How long should you wait for your nails to dry?

You should wait at least 15 minutes before using your hands to do other things (eat, talk on the phone, reach into your purse, etc.) But give it a full hour for the polish to

What primer do you use over latex?

you only use primer over bare wood or stains. If you have really tough stains you might need to use shellac based primer, otherwise any stain covering primer.

Can you mix latex paint with primer?

No. It will alter the colour and properties of the paint - but you can buy premixed paint and primer at the store that is designed to work together.

Can you put latex primer under latex paint?

In most cases yes. Primer is applied according to what it is going on, not what is going over it. - Latex / acrylic / water-based primers are good over drywall, stucco, b