How long do you need to charge a new bl 5c battery for?

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until its at full charge you should just check it with a battery tester no other way of knowing a lot of chargers have built in testers
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Do you need a new alternator when your new battery does not hold a charge?

Answer 1 . NOT always. Any new, replacement part, including batteries, can be defective from the start.. Before making any decision to replace either a battery, or especi

Should a New car battery need to be charge?

I would say it depends on how long the battery sat around at the retailer. If you bought a battery that is very popular and fits many models then it probably has not sat aroun

Do you need to charge a brand new motorcycle battery?

One view: Some batteries come with a charge which may or not start the motorcycle. I have seen batteries come that are not topped off with acid, but the acid is sent in a sep

Does new motorcycle battery need charging?

Usually the dealer will have it charged for you, but if you are not sure just check it with a volt meter. Should read around 12.4 to 12.8 volts engine not running.

Why the new cars in dealership showrooms need to have their batteries charged?

A car has what is called ignition off draw. The computers on the car pull a small amount of current with the key off to keep their memory alive. This small amount, usually und
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Does a new car battery need charging?

Do "new" Vehicle Batteries Need to be Charged before use Usually not, especially if purchased from a battery shop, or auto parts store, or Walmart for example. They receive
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What is the difference between BL-4C and BL-5C?

BL-4C has GND-to-BSI resistance of 75 kOhm with capacity of 860mAh.It runs at 3.7 V BL-5C has two series: . BL-5CA has GND-to-BSI resistance of 47 kOhm with capacity of700 m
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What is the difference between batteries bl-5cb and bl-5c?

In batteries BL-5C series is the most popular battery type in Nokia phones. They have the widest compatibility with other . The only difference between the BL-5C, BL-5CA & B