How long do you need to charge a new bl 5c battery for?

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until its at full charge you should just check it with a battery tester no other way of knowing a lot of chargers have built in testers
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If an 88 Accord DX has a new battery but will not hold a charge do the battery cables need replacing?

A bad alternator will run down the battery. Maybe. Lets check the simple stuff first.How do you know that it IS charging in the first place? Get a voltmeter (VOM) and measure the voltage of the battery when the car is off. It should be more than 11.5 Volts. (Or it is really discharged battery). The start the car and measure the voltage again. It sould be at least 13.5 Volts up to about 14.5 volts. If not then the alternator is not giving enough voltage to charge. If it is, then it could still be a diode in the alternator that is bad. You cold have some accessory or light that stays ON somwhere draining the battery. It could be a bad battery. It could be a bad set of battery cables.

If your battery does not hold a charge do you need a new battery or alternator?

Answer . \nProbably alternater if the battery is less than 5 years old, may be the battery, may be both, may be neither.

What does it mean when your 91 Lincoln does not start and it is flashing charge does this mean that you need a new battery?

Answer . \nI have a car like that and ours did the same thing we got new battery and it works fine now hope this helps.

Does a new car battery need to be charged?

No. If it needs charging then it has been in storage too long and is actually an old stock new battery. Take it back and ask for a replacement.

If an 92 vigor has a new battery but will not hold a charge do the battery cables need replacing?

Answer . could be an excessive parasytic load due to either a hidden accessory Should not exceed .07 amps being left on i.e. trunk light, glove box light Could be a bad voltage regulator - not opening on shut down. Could be a bad alternator not charging battery properly Check with a voltmeter - should be around 12.8 without engine running and 13.8-14.2 with engine running

My battery will not hold a charge with a new alternator?

Answer . Here is a test u can do to see if Ur alternator is good or not . when car is running disconnect the negative battery terminal it's the black wire.If car stalls then the alternator is bad if it doesn't stall then it's Ur battery is bad and u have to replace it

Why is your new alternator not charging your battery?

\nThe drive belt is not tensioned. The fuse in the line between the battery and alternator is blown. The battery has a bad cell. \nThe voltage to the alternator field is missing from the regulator or ignition switch circuit.

Do you need a new alternator when your new battery does not hold a charge?

Answer 1 . NOT always. Any new, replacement part, including batteries, can be defective from the start.. Before making any decision to replace either a battery, or especially an alternator, have the electrical system checked by someone who knows what s/he is doing.. Usually, most mainstream auto parts chain stores [like for example, Advance, Autozone, O'Rielly] have the equipment necessary to fully check out your vehicle's battery and charging system, and will check it out for FREE.. So, before spending any money replacing something which may not be defective, get the entire electrical system checked.

How long does it take for a fully charged iPod nano 3g battery to completely drain before needing to charge it?

For an iPod Nano-video 3rd generation, it should take twenty-four hours to drain with playing only music, and five hours to drain with playing video.

Is the battery in a new car fully charged?

Answer . Yes. but bear in mind the car could have been made. 12 months before it was registered. with best wishes

Should a New car battery need to be charge?

I would say it depends on how long the battery sat around at the retailer. If you bought a battery that is very popular and fits many models then it probably has not sat around very long. If your battery is an oddball, and has been sitting, then it may need a charge. I would recommend a charger with an automatic setting which will cut off when the charge is complete. Rick.

Does a new battery need charging?

No unless you have a toy car or a small car that children play in

Do you need to charge a brand new motorcycle battery?

One view: Some batteries come with a charge which may or not start the motorcycle. I have seen batteries come that are not topped off with acid, but the acid is sent in a separate container that you need to pour in. I would say in most cases that you need to charge or jump the new battery. Take it for a 10 minute ride and you should be good to go. Alternate view: When you put the acid in the battery it does charge itself somewhat, but not fully (perhaps only 75%). That is why it says to charge it, follow the instructions with the battery! When you charge it fully it makes the battery last longer. To charge the battery, you have to buy a battery charger and you need one that will only charge at 2 amps. A "smart" battery "tender" may not work as it may register the battery as fully charged. You need to use a simple (non computerized) 1-2 amp trickle charger. There are rules about the max rates to trickle charge, I've seen 10% of rated cold cranking amps (CCA). Lower amperage will be safer but take longer to charge.

Does new motorcycle battery need charging?

Usually the dealer will have it charged for you, but if you are not sure just check it with a volt meter. Should read around 12.4 to 12.8 volts engine not running.

Why wont battery hold charge when alternator and battery are new?

\n . There is something on that is pulling power from the battery. Any light or any relay that is stuck will drain the battery.

My new battery doesn't hold a charge?

bad alternator. i had the same problem. My old battery seemed dead so i replaced it with a new one. the new one was fine for a couple of days then the battery charge light came on again. i had the alternator tested it was done for. ...or it could be bad connections or wire. have it tested.

How long do you charge rayovac batteries?

Battery brand isn't that important. . The time to charge is mainly dependent on the capacity of thebattery and the capacity of the charger. Any reasonable moderncharger should sense when the battery is full and cut power whenit's done. It can take some hours for a full charge.

How long do you charge nimh batteries?

No set answer to that. It depends on charger output and batterycapacity. Usually a few hours.

How long should a new battery keep a charge?

My battery which is located underneath the back sit, held strong for 9 years , I believe its because it is away from the heat. But normally an in engine bay battery would last 2 or 4 year.

How long do airsoft gun batteries need to charge for?

3-5 hours. Make sure you don't overcharge it or it will break. Check it every once in a while; make sure it doesn't get hot.

Why the new cars in dealership showrooms need to have their batteries charged?

A car has what is called ignition off draw. The computers on the car pull a small amount of current with the key off to keep their memory alive. This small amount, usually under .030 amps, will drain a battery after a couple of weeks. Plus, a car in a showroom has its doors open a lot to show off the interior. That also drains the battery.

Do you need a lawyer for battery charges?

Battery is a criminal charge. You definitely want an attorney for that. If you can't afford one, the court will appoint one for you.

How long do you have to charge a car battery for?

It's hard to answer this question because it depends on the charging current. Most modern chargers have some kind of indicator to let you know when the battery is fully charged but the charge current usually drops back to a minimum when it is fully charged. The battery should be marked with it's Ampere /Hour capacity. For example if it is a 40 A/H battery it can be charged at 1 Amp for 40 hours or 2 Amps for 20 hours pro rata. Add a little extra time for losses but a long 48 hour trickle charge is generally better than a short heavy charge. You can purchase a smart charger that has a built in circuit to prevent damage to the charger or battery. I have a Black and Decker that I bought at Home Depot for twenty dollars. It is a 2 amp trickle charger that also has a 1 amp charge rate setting. It will shut off and turn on when needed to maintain a fully charged battery, so you don't have to worry about over or under charging. It's great for maintaining stored batteries also.

How to charge a new lap top battery?

In theory, if it's a new one you should have some form of instructions with it which would give you information specifically for that battery. That aside, as a general rule, put the battery into the laptop and leaving the laptop switched off but the mains supply switched on, leave it for a period of around 12 hours.\n

Does a new car battery need charging?

Do "new" Vehicle Batteries Need to be Charged before use Usually not, especially if purchased from a battery shop, or auto parts store, or Walmart for example. They receive the batteries shipped in a "dry" condition [i.e., no electrolyte (acid or liquid) in them] and then they add the acid/liquid electrolyte, and the battery is instantly at full charge. On the other hand, if they [or you after buying] allow a battery to sit for a very long period of time, it's possible it will lose some of its charge. In any case, it will do no harm to charge a new battery overnight IF done at a trickle charge rate of one Amp , or two Amps maximum.

How long do you need to keep booster cables on until battery is charged?

As long as you are running the car you can take them off immediately after the car has started. The alternator in the engine will then charge the battery as you drive, the motor being on. Drive it around the block a few times, or for 10-20 minutes and you should be good, unless it's really cold where you live then drive it a while longer. If this is a perpetual problem you may need a new battery, I always go to 'autozone', they will check the battery, while in the car, for free as well as the alternator output. They even put a new battery in for me, for free, after I had purchased it of course.

The battery is good and new alternator is new will not charge battery?

are you sure the battery is good ? may be you can reference the articl : when battery is not charging

How long to charge laptop battery?

You can keep it plugged in charging forever without any long-term negative effects on your laptop or battery.

What is the difference between BL-4C and BL-5C?

BL-4C has GND-to-BSI resistance of 75 kOhm with capacity of 860mAh.It runs at 3.7 V BL-5C has two series: . BL-5CA has GND-to-BSI resistance of 47 kOhm with capacity of700 mAh.It runs at 3.7 V . BL-5CB has GND-to-BSI resistance of 30 kOhm with capacity of800 mAh.It runs at 3.7 V

Does a Wii controller need a battery if you are charging it?

Wii controllers are always wired. But you need two AA batteries for the wii remote it's connected to. If you have a remote charger, you don't need any batteries.

How long do you charge a 7.2v airsoft battery?

About 4-5 hours. You can purchase a smart charger that has a light that turns green when the battery is fully charged as well.

How long does a laptop charged battery last?

it depends on the type, my holds about 2 hours, look up your type of computer it will probably tell you on google

What is the difference between bl-5c vs bl-5ca bl-5c bl-5ca difference bl-5c 970 mah bl-5ca 700 mah?

seems like there is not physical size difference, only capacity is different. 5C ist better than 5CA, provides more battery life. They can be interchanged without problems.

What could drain a new battery from its charge?

The use of the vehicle will "drain a battery" the job of the charging system is to charge back the used electricity. If the battery continues to "drain" then charging system needs to be checked to see if it is faulty. It is also possible to modify a system which may not allow the charging system to keep up with the demand such as sub woofers and amps in a trunk area. A winch mounted on the front bumper incorrectly or too big for the electrical system. It is also possible for normal wear and tear to cause a system "drain".

Why does a car battery need to be charged?

If you allow it to discharge, then it becomes useless, so you have to recharge it. Some batteries (e.g. for torches) don't have to be charged because their internal chemistry is such that they come already 'full'. But once they discharge then you have to throw them away.

How long do you charge your car battery?

It depends on the current of the charger. Common times range anywhere from two hours up to twelve or so. Many modern chargers, including relatively inexpensive ones, have an auto-shutoff feature to prevent overcharging. If you have an old charger that does not have this, you might want to invest in a newer one which does.

What do you do when the new battery want charge?

Check the alternator to see if it is putting out enough voltage/current to charge the battery. Of course, check the battery cable clamps and other connection to make sure that they are clean and bright.

How often do marine batteries need to be charged?

How often depends on how much you use it. When the battery runs down it then needs to be recharged.

Why does battery not charge with new alternator?

When alternator went out, it could have taken out a fuse if the alternator shorted. The main battery cable to the alternator is not fused, but in your panel you should find an ALT fuse. most alternators have two to three small wires that are in a pigtail that plug into the alternator. these small wires are fused. if your car can't pass current through an open fuse. then there is nothing to essentially tell the alternator to turn on. another thing to check, is whether the battery light comes on. if you turn the key to the forward position, without trying to strart the engine, your prestart lights should all light up. this is a system precheck before the engine starts. the battery light should come on at this point. if the light doesn't come on that is an indication of a fuse being blown. in a lot of vehicles, from the seventies to the late nineties, the charge light, or battery light has to work in order for the alternator to work. if the bulb in the dash(which is behind the battery light) burns out, your alternator will not receive power to turn on and work. again, newer vehicles do not have a light circuit that it relies on for the alternator to function. keep in mind, your battery light should have come on and been on the entire time the old alternator was in the vehicle. if it wasn't on, then this is something to pursue further.

How long should a battery for new hp laptop be charged?

It is depend on the use of laptop that how much time you used laptop. But the duration of time 3 to 4 hr

How long does it take to charge a new HTC g1 cellphone battery?

well when you first get it, it'll take about 5 hours; more or less. after it gets that good charge for the first time you'll be set. on a typical day it should take only 2 hours to charge. hope I helped!

How long do you need to charge your new iphone?

When charging a new iPhone it is best to wait for the battery to run completely out and charge it over night. It is typically best to let you device die completely before charging.

Why cellphone battery need initial charging?

Rechargeable batteries are generally stored and shipped with no charge. This allows for a longer battery life. Fully charging the battery the first time will give you the best results for maximum charge and battery life.

How long do you let your new four wheeler battery charge for the first time?

I suggest you get a battery hydrometer and check it periodically until it is charged. Overcharging depletes water from the battery. Undercharging shortens the battery life.

What is the difference between batteries bl-5cb and bl-5c?

In batteries BL-5C series is the most popular battery type in Nokia phones. They have the widest compatibility with other . The only difference between the BL-5C, BL-5CA & BL-5CB types is battery Charge Carrying capacity. These are all interchangeable i-e, you can use in any one for you compatible Nokia Mobile sets. . 1100. 1101. 1108. 1110. 1110i. 1112. 1200. 1208. 1209. 1255. 1280. 1315. 1600. 1616. 1650. 1680 classic. 1681 Classic. 1800. 6030, 6230i . 2300. 2310. 2323 Classic. 2330 Classic. 2355. 2600. 2610. 2626 . The breakdown of battery capacity is as under: BL-5C - 970 mAh BL-5CA - 700 mAh BL-5CB - 800 mAh Therefore the BL-5C - 970 mAh will give a longer battery time for your set as compared to BL-5CA, BL-5CB.. Posted By Fiz87.

Do you have to charge a new battery for it to work?

You may not have to, as some batteries come with a little bit of charge in them. However, I would say to charge it before you use it, so its at full capacity.

How long can a battery hold its charge?

Depends on the condition of the battery. Most will hold a charge for at least 6 months if they are not connected to anything.

Need answers about your 98 Pontiac sun fire battery light staying on and it won't charge What would be the problem if there's a new battery on it?

More than likely the alternator is defective. Drive to your local auto parts store where they will check your charging system for free.

What needs to be done when your battery is not charging?

1) Check the power line is connected properly (on both sides) 2) Move the power plug to a different power socket 3) Check the battery, if it is broken, it may not charge fully oryou may need to swap it out

I got four ENELOOP Batteries for a mouse and they don't last 5 minutes before needing a charge. How long should it be before I have to charge ENELOOP Batteries?

I cannot definitely answer your question as I have no data on thosespecific batteries, however did you allow the batteries to fullycharge before trying to use them? Many modern high capacityrechargeable batteries come with a small charge at the time of saleand if used in that state they will be permanently damaged. Toprevent damaging them always fully charge them before using them(and this first charge will take several hours).