How long does Adidas shoes last?

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My lasted 2.5 years
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How long does a shoe last for?

it depends what the size is.\n. \nand the type of shoe \n. \na trainer your own size would last up to 6 onths

Are Adidas climacool shoes good for long distances?

I have run a marathon and almost a dozen marathons in them. Idefinitely wouldn't take them off road but if you have trained inthem and can handle the minimal support, they are

How long do Sanuk shoes last?

I had a pair (the Chiba style I think) that lasted about 10 months.. They were my main everyday shoe and I walked around a couple miles each day. The soles on both eventually
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How long do vans shoes last?

well right know it lasted me half a year i wear them casulally and my skationg shoes last like 2 moths
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What is in a Adidas shoe?

an adidas shoe is made out of: Rubber, wool, cotton, polyester andleather