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How long does Jupiter take to rotate on its axis?

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Jupiter takes about 9.925 Earth hours for a complete rotation (at least as far as can be determined from its outer atmosphere). This is the fastest rotation of any planet in the solar system. This is quite a feat when you consider that Jupiter is also the largest planet in the Solar System; it's turning a lot of mass very quickly.

Being a gas giant with no solid surface, different parts of the planet rotate ad different speeds. The rotation of Jupiter's polar atmosphere is about 5 minutes longer than that of the equatorial atmosphere. The rapid rotation causes the planet's equator to bulge out. Instead of being a near sphere, Jupiter looks more like a squashed ball. The bulge at the equator is even visible in small, backyard telescopes.
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How long does it take Jupiter to make one rotation about its axis?

9 hours and 50 minutes it takes Jupiter 10 earth hours to make a Jupiter day. The sidereal rotation period (how long it takes a planet to rotate about its axis relative to the