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You can read all the stuff below, SOME of it is actually right. What really matters is that you are trying to deal with your life situation. Using medicine can certainly help. Given your description, I would advise you find a different path; consider taking a longer-acting drug - an SSRI like citalopram (or the non-generic escitalopram). They take a while (~2wks) to take effect but they offer relief from the symptoms you describe without the need to try to treat yourself minute by minute. Some properly trained health care workers can help you use an SSRI to get off the benzo (Xanax). Telling a PO theat you are on a non-scheduled drug like an SSRI (or are in the process of getting off the benzo) should be sufficient to show that you are being responsible and taking care of yourself.

Also - if you have a moment to find a pharmacist who is not too busy, they can give you accurate answers to all of the material "discussed" below.

ANOTHER ANSWER I am currently in drug court and recently took a yellow 2mg xanax on Saturday at 1 p.m..I dropped my U.A on Monday at 7 p.m and passed.I flushed with 8 bottles of water along with a few mountain dews threw out the day.I also had a steak and egg breakfast and a hamburger 4 lunch so I did not get a low create. I don't recommend it but it is possible.
P.S I do not take xanax on a regular basis.

XANAX (alprazolam) HAS a "duration of action" of up to 6 hours. If you want to know how long after you take it can it be DETECTED, that's different. Most benzodiazapines, when taken on a regular basis, can be detected in the urine from 24 hours to 72 hours. If you are concerned about failing a urine test, give yourself a good 3-4 days to be extra safe,,(if it is really important to you). Also, if you have a valid prescription for Xanax, you would not be considered a "fail".  
YOU ARE WRONG. Xanax, like all other benzodiazapines, is stored in the liver. Your liver then realeases it through the same way it realeases stored sugar. This means that, for a chronic user with a low metabolism, it can take up 6 WEEKS before it is unditectible through the urine. One days use will be out in about 3 days, however, if you have used everyday for more than a month you had better give yourself another month off the drug before your GOD-CURSED drug test.


Xanax has a short duration in the body and therfore the person has to alter their medication during the day (if it's necessary to take it every day.) EVERYTHING regarding meds is stored in the liver, but also, there is a description with this med that you drink lots of water. Xanax stays in the body 4 - 6 hours depending on the individual. The second answer was correct and off a pharamacy site!

GENERALLY speaking, how long a drug "stays" in your system is more likey linked to how long does the drug "works" in your system. This is a BIG difference to "how long can a drug be detected" in your system. All drugs act and react differently as do the persons reaction to that medicine. There are MANY vavriables, from how long the drug has been taken for, the amount taken etc...etc....As a general rule, give oral medicine a good 72 hours if you want to pass a urine test. Certainly, some metabolize more quickly and some more slowly, but better safe than sorry by giving it more time. AS A QUICK POSTSCRIPT: If you have a legitimate need for a drug and take it legally by physician ordered script, then the employer cannot discriminate against you if you test positive or have a "dirty" urine. <>  An Addendum to the Above Answers!

Of course, while the above answers are accurate in most cases, one must keep in mind that each person is different and drug detection times may vary GREATLY for this reason. This goes for ANY drug. It also depends on the TYPE of drug test utilized. Many PRE-EMPLOYMENT drug screens use an inexpensive, simple, and LESS ACCURATE method employing a chemical strip dipped into the urine sample to detect various drugs. A more involved, HIGHLY ACCURATE, and EXPENSIVE test (usually employed by probation departments) involves using gas chromatography or mass spectroscopy tests to detect drug metabolites. But, keep in mind, mistakes during testing are COMMON, depending on the level of dependability of the lab. Use the above mentioned detection times as a general guide, but be prepared for surprises! As noted, however, one needn't worry about ANY of this if one is legally prescribed the medication.

Another answer: MY experience

2-3 days.

You could call me a chronic user. I take 4 MG a day, nearly everyday, for over a year now.

I've taken a test 24 hours (1 whole day) after I took my last pill and I tested negative.

Other times, it was 2 whole days, and I did test positive.

But... I can tell you for sure, after 3 days, I never tested positive.

As I said, I use it often, 4mg or 2 bars a day, most days for the last year.

I have to take a court ordered test often as per an unrelated issue. I'm taking it legally, but when it shows up, they have to confirm its legal each time, so I know when it shows clean or dirty.

Get yourself a prescription from a doc so it's all legal, even if you take more than you should, keep it legal with a yearly prescription.

As for ""duration of action" of up to 6 hours", 6 to 12 hours is the half-life period of Xanax. That is, after this length of time, one half of the taken dose is still present in your system. After another 6 to 12 hours, a half of this half is still present, and so on.
How long Xanax will stay in your system cannot be predicted for sure. It depends on the system, different people respond in different ways. One 0.5mg dose may need 3 to 5 days to be almost eliminated. But the higher Xanax doses you take and the longer period you have been taking Xanax, the longer it will take your system to remove traces of Xanax from itself. In extreme cases, we may even speak of as much as 6 months for Xanax to get out of the system completely!

According to the manufactures, the half life of xanax is 3 hrs. not 6 or 12 as suggested above. I am no chemist but I would believe the company making the product. Just my two cents

RxList says, "Peak concentrations in the plasma occur in 1 to 2 hours following administration... the mean plasma elimination half-life of alprazolam has been found to be about 11.2 hours (range: 6.3-26.9 hours) in healthy adults."

An amendment! Xanax is NOT "stored" in the liver. The medication dissolves in the tissues all over the body. From the tissues, it gradually gets into blood, and the concentration in the tissues and blood tends to be the equal all the time. Blood takes the drug to the kidneys where it is metabolized. As a result, the concentration of Xanax in blood gets lower, but blood immediately washes some more Xanax out of the tissues. The process goes on until the dose of Xanax is eliminated completely.

All these answers are great and informational! However, if you go and buy antioxidant vitamins and start taking them they will speed up the prosesses of removal of about anything in the body. Why is this you may ask? Because our bodies are stubborn and do not like to let things go, esspecialy drugs. Antioxidants are the key to getting rid of the things that our bodies wont let go easly and antioxidants break them down faster, fat being one of those things, LOL!! Dont be scared of drug testing because we should be able to make choises for ourselves and not by drug testing. So if we all get together and find a grand way to fool these drug tests that is full proof, then they will have no choise but to not test, so do your research and see what you can figure out yourself. The idea that I posted about antioxidants here was never put as a way to clean drugs from the body anywhere on the net, strange huh. We need to speak out as Americans in a free world and not as if we are in a prison, becaus America is becoming more communist every day and we need to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont be the lobster in the slow cooking tank!!

I just have to say I know for a fact that xanax can be detected after 72 hours and it can actually be up to 30 days.I have passed drug tests by using Sure Jell it is the stuff you use to make jellies with.You get one box pour it into a 32oz drink and drink it as fast as you can urinate one time before taking test and you should pass.This does have to be drunk no more than three hours before test but I like to do it around two hours before test.I have not failed a drug test yet!!!!!

In todays tech environment they now check creatinine levels as well so flushing with surjel and the like will cause you to fail a labtest whether you are dirty or not. So I would not recomend this method. I would agree with with 72hours or more depending on usage.
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