How long does adderall show up positive in urine test?

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Adderall shows up positive in your urine test for about 2-3 days
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How long does it take adderall to show up in a urine test?

It depends on the method of testing. If they do some sort of blood test, it would show up within 30 minutes. If they did a urine test, it would show up in less than 12 hours.

Do adderall and phentamine show up the same in urine tests?

I am assuming that you mean "phenteramine." The answer is YES, both show up in drug screens. Drug screens do not test for specific drugs, only broad classes of drugs like a

How long does it take for 20mg of Adderall to show up in urine?

This depends HEAVILY on urine concentration. For example if you have been holding your urine and take Adderall it wont be as likely to show up in the first urine you pass but

How long does Adderall show up on urine test?

Adderal will test positive in amphetamines (a common test) and methamphetamine (less common test). Because of this, the detection are very similar to those for amphetamines 24