How long does it take to bath from London on a train?

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London Paddington to Bath Spa - is a direct service of roughly ninety minutes. See the related link to 'thetrainline'
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How long does train and ferry take from London to Belfast?

There are two main routes - via Hollyhead or Scotland. Due to losing my passport I had to do this at very short notice a few weeks ago. I left Euston about 8pm and (after a missed change in Crewe requiring a taxi to Hollyhead, ferry to Dublin, transfer to Connolly Station) arrived in Belfast about 9 (MORE)

How long does it take to get the ferry and then the train to Paris from London?

From Central London to Central Paris it will take around 9 hours to reach. Generally People travel from London Charing Cross to Dover (Priory station) with trains every 30 minutes, journey time 1 hour 50 minutes. From Dover you the take a ferry to Calais(France).Ferries sail every hour or two, cross (MORE)

How long does it take from London to Scotland by train?

From London there are three major train services running toScotland from London, East Coast, Virgin and Overnight SleeperServices. These companies predict the journey to Scotland(depending on the destination) to be four and a half to five hours.

How long it takes to get to London from haverhill by train?

Well as Haverhill does not have a train station anymore, one would have to get a bus or drive to Cambridge, Audley (sp?) End or another station nearby and catch a train from there. A bus from Haverhill to Cambridge takes roughly 40 minutes to 1 hour. To drive from Haverhill to Cambridge takes about (MORE)

How long does train and ferry take from London to Paris?

Fast train London to Ashford 37 minutes; continuation to Dover 40 minutes; bus to port 40 minutes including waiting; check-in at port and bus to ferry 60 minutes; crossing 90 minutes; disembarkation 30 minutes; bus to station 20 minutes; average wait for train 20 minutes; train to Boulogne 30 minute (MORE)

How long does it take to get from london to stratford by train?

London Marylebone to Stratford-upon-Avon takes approximately 2 hours on the direct service (no stops). If you take the slower service which goes via Birmingham, the journey is 2 hours 30 minutes because you need to get from New Street station to Moor street station.

How long did it take to go from London to Edinburgh by steam train?

The steam powered Flying Scotsman" in the 1950s was scheduled to depart from London Kings Cross at 10-00 am daily and arrive at Edinburgh Waverley at about 4-30pm that day although later arrivals were not uncommon. This was the fastest train between the two cities in that epoch. The journey included (MORE)

How long does it take from London to Sydney by train?

Since there is no land connection, bridges or tunnels that support a train journey from London to Sydney, this question cannot be answered. A train journey could, conceivably, begin in London, cross the Channel through the Channel tunnel, then travel over land to Thailand. Eventually, you'll need t (MORE)

How long would it take from the shetland islands to London on a train?

You can't take a train directly from the Shetland Islands to London. You can't even fly directly between Shetland and London. You could travel by boat from Shetland to Aberdeen and then take a train or fly from there to London or you could fly from Shetland to Edinburgh and either fly or take a trai (MORE)

How long does take a train from Ukraine to London?

You can not get a train direct from Ukraine to London. The last part of the journey would probably have to start from Paris, Brussels or Lille (the Eurostar service), though there are a few Eurostar trains to a few of the ski resorts further south.

How long does it take to get from crewe to London on the train?

Virgin Trains operate fast services to London Euston which takebetween 1 hour, 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the serviceused. The fastest regular service is the service which originatesfrom Manchester Piccadilly and takes around 1 hour, 30 minutes.This service usually leaves Crewe at either 29 (MORE)

How long does it take to get from London to Zurich on the Eurostar Train?

Eurostar is the brand name of the company running high speed trains London-Paris and London-Lille-Brussels through the Channel Tunnel. Eurostar uses the stations: St. Pancras (London), Gare du Nord (Paris), Bruxelles Midi (Brussels) and Lille Europe. To get from London to Zürich you need t (MORE)

How long will a train from London to stockholm take?

unless you are willing to take a train through the ocean i dont see how that would work ;) i suggest either flying straight to stockholm or flying to copenhagen and then taking a short train over the öresund into malmö and then to stockholm

How long it takes by train from London to Lucerne?

Approximately 8½ to 9 hours, made up as follows: - London St. Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord: 2½ hours. 1 train per hour - Cross Paris by Métro (including safety margin): 1 to 1½ hours - Paris Gare du Nord to Basel SBB: 3 hours. One train ever 2 hours. - Basel SBB to Luzern: 1 ho (MORE)