How long does it to get an insurance claim check on an auto accident after a claim has been filed?

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The insurance company has a certain amount of time (30-60 days, depending on your state) to give you an "answer", which could be "Accepted, here's your check", "Declined, deal with it or sue us", or "We need some more time to investigate." There is definitely not a concrete time that you will magically get a check in the mail.

Some important factors:

Are you filing this claim on your own insurance policy or on the person who you think is responsible for the accident? If you file it on your own insurance company it will be much quicker, in general.

If you file it on another person's liability policy, the insurance company will need to complete a liability investigation. This will generally consist of interviewing all involved parties, witnesses and ordering the police report (if applicable). The quickest this could take is perhaps 3 days (if no police report is to be ordered).

Are there injuries? If there are injuries, especially if there are multiple people with multiple (costly) injuries, there may be a limits issue and it will take much longer.

Also, if this is the other insurance company, they will need to talk with their insured to verify the details of the accident. If he doesn't answer the phone, the burden of proof will be yours to prove the accident happened and he was at fault.
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