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The average emitted sperm survive in the female is three days or 72 hours if you have optimal cervical mucus, which is egg white or watery. Sperm last longer in that fluid, which peaks shortly before ovulation. If you have recently menstruated, or are due to again soon, sperm probably won't last more than a day or two, if they make it past the hostile cervical fluid you have the rest of the month.

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  • It is possible that sperm can live up to 4-5 days in your body, contrary to anything else you may have heard or read. In addition to this fact, the egg released can live between 12-24 hours. Therefore, your fertile period starts approximately 4-5 days PRIOR to ovulation and ends 12-24 hours after ovulation. If you do the math, it is possible for some woman to be fertile for as many as 7 days. You may have heard you can only get pregnant one or two days a month SO NOT TRUE! You may only ovulate that long, but with the life of sperm and the life of the egg, your fertile time can be much longer. Another bit of info that many woman don't know is that female sperm are slower but stronger and therefore live longer than male sperm which are faster, but weaker. In other words, male sperm will usually beat out female sperm in the race for the egg, yet female sperm will usually out live male sperm. So, if you are trying for a girl, have sex the 5th, 4th, and 3rd day before ovulation and then abstain.
  • It is not true that there is a difference between the live/speed of sperm depending on whether it's male or female. ALL sperm are the same basic genetic make up. The differences lie in what genetic material is carried in the head of the sperm.
  • From what I just read, approximately 3-7 days, depending on the acidity of the vagina.
  • Depends on when she is ovulating. If there is a lot of mucus (usually a lot more when she IS ovulating), it can last up to 5 days. If not, usually about a day or two.
  • But sperm can live inside a guy's body for a month or so after a vasectomy.
  • If it is presence of aged but living sperm: maybe 3 days
  • If it is the young and sprightly sperm that you need for fertilizing the egg - 2 days is hitting the ceiling
  • There is actually a furious discussion on this topic between short-lifers and long-lifers. The usual answer from short lifers is 24-48h, from long lifers somewhere between 3-7 days. Why the difference? Mostly, it has to do with how ovulation is detected. Traditionally, ovulations were detected by changes in cervical mucus, basal temperature and Mittelschmerz (midcycle pain), or even by dead reckoning, but all have associated problems, particularly dead reckoning. Cervical mucus changes can precede ovulation by 3-4 days, basal temperature is frequently a fickle indicator, and Midcycle pain occurs regularly just in 10-20% of ovulating women. Even when it occurs, it is frequently associated with the LH surge, and can be used like a biological LH stick. And that dead reckoning (subtracting 14 days from the next due date) is inexact, is easy to understand.
  • What all these create is a haze with respect to the actual time point of ovulation. And because of this haze, successful insemination's that are almost completely on time can appear as several days off. But that can simply be a false impression. Detecting impending ovulation with LH surge is much more precise, and it is the procedure normally used by the clinics for IUI. Under those conditions, the clinics never try to trust the viability of sperm over several days. Instead, the standard procedure is to do IUI on the 2nd LH+ day, or 24 hours after inducing ovulation with the LH analogue betaHCG. My own experience as AI donor has been that there is very good fertility on the 2nd LH+ day. 1st day is OK too, but not as high. But insemination done before the onset of the LH surge were all singularly unsuccessful.
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