How long does the average person shower for?

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exists and is an alternate of . I shower for about an hour because i have to shampoo, condtion, and scrub my body. i also have to apply facial cleanser. I shower for a about half an hour doing the same thing but i don't use facial cleanser. but it takes me time to dry myself with a towel. are your opinions...... the average person to take a shower is about 8 minutes, its ridiculous if you take a shower for an hour...... what do u do! you probably mess around because you should take 10 mintues or less.


There isn't a good answer. For women, it is probably 20 to 30 minutes, but for a man, it is probably 5 to 10 minutes. Women often shave their legs, and other parts, which adds quite a bit of time. Men normally get in and get out without a lot of other activity.
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How long does it take for an average person to shower?

About 45mins-1hr cause you have to wash your face, hair, conditioner your hair, body, maybe shave, and rinsing you know. Ha no no no no no not 45 mins. for guys like 5-

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