How long does tobacco stay in your blood?

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Answer duration of Nicotine in Blood I heard it was 72 hours as we are preparing to take a health exam for obtaining insurance,( we received this information from our insurance agent.) The rates are three times as much for tobacco users! three times 72 hrs.? have to take swab test I believe for job but not for health insurance. might be blood test but I doubt it. work in hospital and can't be fired............wondering if I'll be labeled a liar thanks
They actually check for cicotine - a metabolite of nicotine. Cicotine can stay in the body for up to 7 days after a nicotine dose.
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How long does nicotine stay in your system after you quit chewing tobacco?

Tobacco tends to get out of blood very quickly when compared to urine. The detection window for tobacco in blood is approximately 6-8 hours since the intake of the drug. If y

How long do painkillers stay in your blood?

Answer \n. \nIt completely depends on the pain medication and the dose taken.\n. \nedit: most opiates are clear of your system with about 72 hours, but this is by no means

How long does tobacco stay in your blood system?

There are a few factors which determine how long tobacco can bedetected in your blood. One factor is how long and how heavy of asmoker the person was. The other main factor is

How long does smokeless tobacco stay in the blood?

Depends on a number of things such as metabolism rate of person, weight of person, and amount of nicotine ingested. But on average, it is about 10 days. Added 3/27/2012

How long does liquor stay in your blood?

On average, the liver can metabolize one alcoholic drink per hour.When more than this is consumed, the excess circulates in the blooduntil the liver can metabolize it. For eve

How long does tobacco stay fresh?

Kept in an air tight container with something to keep it moist (apple wedge works nicely) and then placed in a refrigerator I've been able to keep mine fresh for over 2 months

How long does smokeless tobacco stay in the saliva?

By smokeless tobacco, im going to assume you mean dip. Once you take the dip out, you saliva wont have dip in it unless it comes into contact with any dip particles. When i di

How long can chewing tobacco stay fresh in a bag?

If the weather where your at is hot and humid, not a very long time, maybe a week at most. BUT, if you put it in the fridge, it can last for weeks. I don't chew, but I d