How long does tulips bloom?

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Hi there tulips seem to bloom for 2-4 weeks depending on weather , The temperature and weather really do play a big part on the bloom , so on that sense you can not reall put a time on their bloom.
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What are the lyrics to the song tulips are blooming?

this this cat. this is cat. this how cat. this to cat. this keep cat. this an cat. this idiot cat. this busy cat. this for cat. this 1 minute cat. now go back and re

When do tulips bloom spring or autum?

Late spring, Early summer. (For me) It depends where you live. Northern humid areas would be late spring, early summer. Southern areas may be spring, and perhaps not at all.

Why do tulips bloom?

Tulips bloom to spread and receive pollen, like other flowers. They receive and spread pollen at the same time because like many other plants, tulips are hermaphrodites.
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Can you plant an already bloomed tulip in the ground?

Yes you can, but it will probably take another year to bloom again. The best thing to do is to wait until the stalks start turning brown (the bulbs keep feeding off the stal
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What to with tulips after they bloom?

After tulips bloom, you can cut the foliage back by half, so they can still store some energy for the next year's flowers. When it gets hot, the leaves will turn yellow and di
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When do the tulip flowers bloom?

The tulip flowers bloom around spring time. Tulip flowers usually grow from bulbs and they are showy flowers with cup and star-shaped as well as three sepals and three petals.