How long has the afghan war been?

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At least 13 years.
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Who won the Afghan Civil War?

i believe, such wars are never won, a win in such a situation is a defeat/loss. a war between two brother, even if one is ridiculous, should not take place in first place, supposedly, if it takes place, then, the harm and damage to any brother is a damage to the later. he agrees to it or not. so, taliban killed their brothers, and northern alliance killed their brothers. i would rather say, A War Without a Winner.

How long has the Iraq war been going on?

The Iraq War began in 2003 and ended in 2011. The Insurgency in Iraq began in 2005 and continues to this day. (The difference in terminology is that the Iraq War was foreign powers fighting in Iraq to secure the country and the Insurgency is the Iraqi Government fighting in Iraq to secure the country.

What is the cause of the Afghan war?

Answer . The cause of the Afghan war was mainly down to terrorism in the UK and America. Such as 9/11. It also over resources from Afghan and Iraq such as Oil, Which we really need at the moment.

Who are afghans?

They can be called pashtuns\pathans and are from Afghanistan, a country touching Pakistan and have India as one of its famous neighbours.

When did the Soviet-Afghan war start?

The Soviet army entered Afghanistan in Dec 25, 1979. ^^^^^ This answer is incorrect, the Soviet army actually entered Afghanistan on the 24th of December 1979. ^^^^^ This answer is also incorrect, the Soviet Army actually invaded Afghanistan on December 27th 1979.

How long can you expect an Afghan Pine to live?

The Afghan pine, which can be found in the valleys of theHimalayas, is able to live up to 300 years. The Afghan pine is alsoknown as pinus eldarica.

What was considered to be the turning point in the Soviet Afghan war?

The Afghan War was a steady, routine, war against insurgency. The turning point was when the Soviets decided to leave in 1989.

Who did the US help during the soviet-afghan war and why did we help them?

We secretly (ha ha...) helped the mujahadeen, the Afghan freedom fighters who opposed the Soviet invasion. We helped them because they killed Communists. We gave them modern weapons and training in how to defeat a larger, well-armed and well-trained fighting force in tanks and helicopter gunships. We taught them how to make roadside bombs to blow up convoys of trucks. We taught them basically everthing they know about modern warfare. Guess who they're using it against now?...

What initiated the Soviet - Afghan war?

The Afghan people were not crazy about the puppet dictator in Afghanistan that was supported by the Russian communists. One day a bunch of them pulled him out of the palace, cut off his privates, and hung him up by his toes after slicing him up. Historically, the Afghans have not really liked any rulers at all. Only ONE of the rulers of Afghanistan since about 1600 left office alive. The Afghans kicked out Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Timurlane, Akbar, and the British Army (three times in less than a hundred years) Anyway, the Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan to prop up their man, but the Afghans kicked their asses out too. Now we're there. Any guesses what mighthappen?

Were there Afghans during the Iran-Iraq War?

Afghans did not participate in the Iran-Iraq War. During this period, Afghanistan was fighting the Soviet Union and trying to repel them from the country. However, Afghans were alive during the Iran-Iraq War. (So, technically speaking, there were Afghans during the Iran-Iraq War, just not in that war.)

How was the soviet afghan war started?

The Afghan people killed the dictator who had been put in power by the Soviets. The Soviets put in another guy, and they killed him too. Finally the Soviet Army invaded. After about 10 years, they left in disgust and disgrace, having been unable to control the general population. In the power vacuum that ensued, the Taliban came into power. They were not well received either, but at least they were Afghans, not Russians. The Taliban invited our old friend Osama Bin Laden in to Afghanistan after he'd been kicked out of nearly every other hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism. He had been one of the mujahadeen that the US had secretly trained and outfitted during the Soviet invasion.

Why did the US become involved in the war in Soviet-Afghan War?

The US covertly (e.g., secretly) supplied weapons and training to the mujahadeen, the Afghans fighting against the Russian and Afghan Army. Our old friend Osama bin Laden was one of them. After the Russians were kicked out of Afghanistan (just another in the long line of invaders who have been kicked out, from Alexander the Great on up...) we could have stayed there and fixed the country back up and made them our allies but we didn't. We left, the Taliban came in to the picture, and that was that. That led to al Quaeda, 9/11 and the current conflict there. There's a good chance that had we gone to Afghanistan and build a couple of hospitals, a school or three, and maybe some roads, we wouldn't be in the pickle we are now, and 9/11 would never have happened. The US supported the Taliban against the Soviet occupation. It provided covert guns, ammunition, intelligence and cash through Pakistan.

How long has there been war?

Fighting has been going on ever since two people decided to eat the same food, but "war" didn't begin until there were fixed setelments - after the development of agriculture SO ... the first wars were fought about 5000 or 6000 years ago in places like Sumer and Ur.

Who are the afghans?

Ethnically Afghans are people who are also knows as Pashtuns or Pathans. They are originally from Afghanistan however many Afghans also live in the Pashtunistan area of Pakistan (which is near the border of Pakistan), Iran and India. So Pathans-Afghans-Pashtuns all mean the same thing and are the same people. Their first language is Pashto however many Afghans do speak Persian/Farsi/Dari due to the other races in Afghanistan whos first language is Farsi/Dari/Persian. Also the meaning of the name of their country Afghanistan means (Afghan)=Pashtun/Pathan/Afghan (istan)=Land of... so Afghanistan=Land of Afghans also known as Pathans Pashtuns. Hope this helps... =) original inhabitants of Afghanistan. They are distinguished from Persians by their east Asian features but are different from East Asians by their lighter colour of skin and Arian features. (by john) The present Afghans are tribal, mostly uneducated, extreme male chauvinist, fundamentalist Muslim nutjobs. I don't know why the US sends young people into harms way among these medieval idiots. Let them butcher each other.

What started the Afghan war?

The cause of the Afghan war was mainly down to terrorism in theUK and America. Such as 9/11. . It also over resources from Afghan and Iraq such as Oil, Whichwe really need at the moment

How many wars have the Afghans fought on their land?

If you count tribal wars, hundreds. Recently, they kicked the Russians out. What they will do to NATO forces remains to be seen.

How long has the US been at war with Iraq?

The March 20, 2003 invasion of Iraq marked the start of the conflict known as the Iraq War. This war lasted until August 31, 2010.

Who is winning the Afghan War?

There's no clear winner because this isn't a war with one direct enemy or front. It's impossible to really state a "winner".

When will the afghan war end?

The afghan war will end in 2064 after the Americans and British have had enough and Afghanistan win.

How much has the afghan War cost?

Do you mean in money or men? Well we are trillions of dollars and pounds in debt. We have also lost hundreds and thousand's of men in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What is a brief historical perspective on the Afghan War?

Briefly, when Great Britain was the #1 power on earth, the British invaded Afghanistan nine times without success. In 1980 the USSR invaded Afghanistan and fought for ten years before giving up. The USSR was opposed by the Mujahadeen which was supported by the US. One of these resistance groups, the Taliban, took control of Afghanistan after the war and ruled it with one of the most repressive regimes in history, but the Northern Alliance (known in Afghanistan as the United Front) resisted the Tabiban with US support in an eleven-year civil war. The Northern Alliance gained a large part of northern Afghanistan before 2001 when the US finally committed its own forces. Afghanistan is now rebuilding, but the war is not finished there yet.

Who started the afghan war?

The current NATO involvement in Afghanistan is the direct result of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. That attack was the work of Osama bin Laden as leader of al Qaeda, with the support of Mullah Omar of the Taliban. They have lots of reasons why it was necessary to attack the US, but nonetheless, there was no hostility between the US and Afghanistan prior to that attack (indeed, the US had strongly supported bin Laden when he was fighting off a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, some years previously). So it was their decision to go to war. The US and its NATO allies responded in self defense.

Cost of the Iraq and afghan wars?

According to the Center for Defense Information, the estimated cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will reach $864 billion by the end of fiscal year 2009.. In billions of budgeted dollars Operation . FY 2001+ 2002 . FY 2003 1 . FY 2004 2 . FY 2005 3 . FY 2006 . FY 2007 . FY 2008 . FY 2009 . Total . Iraq $53.0 $75.9 $84.6 $101.9 $133.2 $526 $657 $1,631.6 Afghanistan 20.8 14.7 14.5 20.9 19.1 36.8 140 173 439.8 Enhanced security 13.0 8.0 3.7 2.1 0.8 0.4 28 5 61.0 Unable to allocate 5.5 5 5 15.5 Totals $33.8 $81.1 $94.1 $107.6 $121.8 $170.4 $700 $864 $2,172.8 .

How are the Afghan war and the Vietnam war alike?

When Afghanistan Air Force jet fighters begin dog-fighting US jet fighters in the skies over Afghanistan, then there might be some similiarities; when the enemy (who ever they are) has a GOVERNMENT to negotiate with, then again they might be similiar. . As of now, the US is not at with Afghanistan. It is at war with terrorists. A law enforcement problem; find them, arrest them (or kill them), try them in a court of law, and then imprison them or execute them, or let them free; whatever the justice system wills.

When did the Afghan war start with US?

In 2001, shortlly after 9/11. It is the longest war ever fought by the US against a foreign enemy.

How long is the hair on an Afghan Hound?

Easy peasy lemon squeesy the length of the afghan hound is to the ground on the body hair and the ear hair is to the start of it's body

Who was the Afghan leader during World War 2?

This information comes from Wikipedia under the heading of The Kingdom of Afghanistan. On 27 September 1934, under the leadership of Zahir Shah, the Kingdom of Afghanistan joined the League of Nations. During World War II, Afghanistan remained neutral and pursued a diplomatic policy of non-alignment. Prime Minister of Afghanistan at that time Daoud worked hard for developments of modern industries, and education in the country. [2]

Does Osama bin Laden have anything to do with the Afghan War?

"Supposedly" The war followed the September 11 attacks, and itspublic aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda and denying it a safe basisof operation in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power.

Compare the two wars Vietnam and the soviet afghan war?

The Soviets were fighting insurgents in Afghanistan. The US was fighting a nation with a standing army, air force, and navy. Insurgents=Rebelling against the government/unlawful

Why did the UK join the afghan war?

Afghanistan War is a direct result of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The attacks were caused by Al Qaeda terrorists, who were based in Afghanistan. The Taliban is a radical Islamic group and was the ruling government of Afghanistan at the time. The Taliban refused to allow the US and our allies into Afghanistan to capture or kill the Al Qaeda terrorists, so we declared war on them. We toppled the Taliban regime and nearly crushed Al Qaeda when the Bush administration pushed for the invasion of Iraq. However, the Taliban and Al Qaeda have recovered over the years while our government has been pre-occupied with Iraq. That pretty much sums up why we are fighting in Afghanistan and why we are still fighting there after 7 years.

What are the two sides to the Afghan civil war?

1) The Taliban, a radical regime which quickly seized power in Afghanistan following the end of the Soviet-Afghan War, and 2) the Northern Alliance which was supported by the US and controlled the northern part of Afghanistan.

Who fought the Soviet-Afghan war?

The war was between the former Soviet Union and Afghanistan, started when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

How long has the Afghanistan war been on?

From October 2001 - Present. Today is the 10th of November which makes it exactly Nine Years and Thirty Three Days.

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Why are people fighting in the afghan war?

they are fighting in this war because they are trying to get rid of the Taliban.

How long was the afghan war?

If you mean the Soviet-Afghan war, it lasted 6 years. If you mean the one currently happening as you are reading this, it has been going on about 3-4 years...

What are the bombers used in the afghan war?

In the conflict the US had a few bombers. The A-10 Thunderbolt II was one of them. The B-1 bomber was another. The B-2 Spirit is a multi-role bomber capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear munitions. B-52 Stratofortress is a heavy bomber can fly at high subsonic speeds at altitudes up to 50,000 feet.

Who are the major players in the afghan war 2001-present?

The major players in the Afghan war are sub-divided among four principal actors, being insurgents , local government, outside actors, and the local population . Insurgents: "Those hoping to overthrow the established government or secede from it" (152). This includes "remnants of the Taliban, Gulbaddin Hekmatyar's Hezb-i-Islami, the Haqqani network, Al-Qaeda, foreign fighters, criminal groups, and a host of Afghan and Pakistani tribal militias" (152). Driven by ideology and religion, these actors are fiercely determined in achieving their objectives. Their unswerving demands are neither reasonable nor negotiable. Local Government: "Includes the government security forces, the army and police, as well as key national and local political institutions" (152). Establishing an effective Afghan National Security Force consisting of ANA, ABP, and ANP are viewed as critical to the successful reach and legitimacy of Afghanistan's weak government. Before the insurgency was in full-swing, outside actors, namely the United States and NATO, channeled their focus on developing government security forces. The government is determined to overcome the insurgents, but lack real influence beyond the major population centers and Ring road. The stakes are highest for the local government, as they have everything to gain AND lose. Outside Actors: "External states and other nonstate entities, which might support either side" (152). Jones delineates two opposing sets of external actors. "The United States, NATO forces, and the United Nations support the Afghan government; the international jihadi network and some individuals from neighboring states-such as Pakistan and Iran-support the insurgents" (152-153). Clearly there are a number of external actors that participate in the Afghan war actively, passively, and/or covertly for strategic reasons. Local Population: "The most important group; it is for their hearts and minds that the war is being fought in the first place" (153). Both sides of the insurgency seek popular support, realizing its necessity. The side that controls the populace will likely be the victor. Jones sums this up by stating, "in the end, the exercise of political power depends on the tacit or explicit agreement of the population-or, at worst, on its submissiveness" (153). The stakes are high for the local population, as whoever is in control of the state will determine their quality of life and future direction. Works Cited Jones Seth. Into the Graveyard of Empires , W. W. Norton & Company; Reprint edition, April 12, 2010.

Who initialized the Afghan War started in 2001?

If you explore the recent history, you would find that Afghanistan has been an area of war and destruction. About the Afghan War, everybody know that USA started this war.

What is happening in the afghan war?

Many of Men are going into the Army and they are becoming superheroes and they are saving ur lives . they are all training and have a great time with mates and feeling proud of themselves and they will know u are out there thinking im so proud of him and very soon u will see them again and unfortuneatley for some people there has been deaths and there have been miracles!

How long has the war in gears of war been going on?

Pendulum Wars lasted 79 years. that was humans fighting eachother. Locust Civil War (Locust-Lambent) is unknown. Human-Locust War lasted 16 years.

How is the soviet afghan war similar to the Vietnam war?

The Soviet Air Force did not engage the Afghanistan Air Force. There were no aerial dog-fights between those two air forces. There were no jet aces from either side; since they never fought each other. The Russian (Soviet) Navy never fought the Afghanistan Navy, there was no "Tonkin Gulf" incidents (engagements between the US Navy & North Viet Navy). The nearest ocean to Afghanistan is the Arabian Sea and that sea is blocked by Iran & Pakistan. The Soviet (Russian) army never fought the Afghanistan army; the USSR was not at war with Afghanistan. Comparisons? The same as would be of the British in Afghanistan or other Southwestern Asian nations in the 1800s. Or even coalition troops in Iraq or current Afghanistan...etc. One cannot compare one war to another unless they fit the basic criteria: One nation fighting another nation, then comparisons can be made. As it stands the Russian fought a long campaign in Afghanistan and then withdrew with less than satisfactory results, that was the closest it came to being their "Vietnam". Their casualties were 1/5 of US Viet War casualties and the Soviets lost far fewer jets & helicopters than did the Americans. But the Americans had jet to jet air duels; the Soviets did not.

When will the Afghan and Iraq war end?

No one knows. When we stop them from hitting that platnium mine and they atop killing their people getting our troops out will take alot of time and money and we have niether.

How long US has not been at war?

Not long, Since about 2001, Afgahnistan has been our objective, But we have killed Osama Bin Laden, that was now, 2011 so, not very long.

Are bombs dropped in the Afghan war?

There were bombs in that country but not as much as in Iraq because that country did not offer buildings and the such. That would be spending money killing mud.

How long have road wars been going on?

"Road Wars is currently in it's seventh season and has been running since January 25, 2003. Each episode is on average fifty to sixty minutes long in running time."

How long does it take to fly to afghan from Florida?

The average flight time is 15 hours, 26 minutes. This is only an approximation and flight times are likely to vary. Your airline will provide you with a flight time when you book a flight.

How long does afghan marijuana effect teens?

Max 3 hours. Stop worrying. I've smoked it since I was 15 and its done nothing but good things.

How is the afghan war effecting the people?

if you are referring to the afghan population, Afghanistan is a largely undeveloped, poor country consisting mostly of farmers. most people don't want anything to do with the war, they just want to get on with thier lives. however the taliban main source of income is opium , Afghanistan is by far the largest producer in the world. (opium is use in the production of many procucts including narcotics) the taliban doesn't want to lose it's trade so forces the local population to fight against the coalition forces. and demand a large portion of their income, they are against the education of young girls.. and the taliban is against the western world and this is a big risk for tourists (afghanistan was a very popular destenastion for tourists) this makes it very difficult for the afghan economy to develop. also. the afghan war is reinstalling a proper government and security forces in the country what helps to guard safety.

What is the current status of the Afghan War?

The civil war in Afghanistan is still surging on and seems it will continue for some time. The United States has committed many thousands of troops as have many other countries such as the UK, Canada and France.